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Dynamics & statics

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There Is No Theory of Everything
Our Price: £45.99
The main purpose of this book is to introduce a broader audience to emergence by illustrating how discoveries in the physical sciences have informed t...
The nonlinear Schrödinger equation
Our Price: £72.00
This book is an interdisciplinary introduction to optical collapse of laser beams, which is modelled by singular (blow-up) solutions of the nonlinear ...

Traffic flow dynamics
Our Price: £64.99
This textbook provides a comprehensive and instructive coverage of vehicular traffic flow dynamics and modeling. It makes this fascinating interdiscip...
The mathematical principles of natural philosophy
Our Price: £199.00
Newton's Principia is perhaps the second most famous work of mathematics, after Euclid's Elements. Originally published in 1687, it gave the first sys...

Statistical Mechanics of Superconductivity
Our Price: £59.99
This book provides a theoretical, step-by-step comprehensive explanation of superconductivity for undergraduate and graduate students who have complet...
Probability for physicists
Our Price: £62.99
This book is designed as a practical and intuitive introduction to probability, statistics and random quantities for physicists. The book aims at gett...

Taming the complexity of evolutionary dynamics
Our Price: £64.99
The study of complex adaptive systems is among the key modern tasks in science. Such systems show radically different behaviours at different scales a...
Why more is different
Our Price: £62.99
The physics of condensed matter, in contrast to quantum physics or cosmology, is not traditionally associated with deep philosophical questions. Howev...

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