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Statistical physics. Pt.2 Theory of condensed matter
Our Price: £48.49
The second part of 'Statistical Physics' deals with the quantum theory of the condensed state of matter. This volume is essentially an entirely new bo...
Engineering materials 1
Our Price: £50.00
Widely adopted around the world, Engineering Materials 1 is a core materials science and engineering text for third- and fourth-year undergraduate stu...

Atoms, molecules and photons
Our Price: £82.44
This introduction to Atomic and Molecular Physics explains how our present model of atoms and molecules has been developed during the last two centuri...
A mind over matter
Our Price: £24.25
A Mind Over Matter is a biography of the Nobel-prize winner Philip W. Anderson, a person widely regarded as one of the most accomplished and influenti...

Magnetism of surfaces, interface, and nanoscale materials
Our Price: £158.11
In the past 30 years, magnetic research has been dominated by the question of how surfaces and interfaces influence the magnetic and transport propert...
Numbers don't lie
Our Price: £16.48
'There is no author whose books I look forward to more than Vaclav Smil' Bill GatesIs flying dangerous? How much do the world's cows weigh? And what m...

Continuum mechanics of solids
Our Price: £63.05
Continuum Mechanics of Solids is an introductory text for graduate students in the many branches of engineering, covering the basics of kinematics, eq...
Our Price: £50.44
The scientific study of networks, including computer networks, social networks, and biological networks, has received an enormous amount of interest i...

Storm in a teacup
Our Price: £13.57
This book links the little things - the unexpected pinkness of blueberry jam or the way the air smells before it rains - with the big in a book that w...
Why more is different
Our Price: £61.10
The physics of condensed matter, in contrast to quantum physics or cosmology, is not traditionally associated with deep philosophical questions. Howev...

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