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Condensed matter physics (liquid state & solid state physics)

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Groups and symmetries
Our Price: £49.99
- Combines material from many areas of mathematics, including algebra, geometry, and analysis, so students see connections between these areas - Appli...
C60 buckminsterfullerene
Our Price: £28.99
This compendium of accounts reveals the unique perspectives of many scientists who made major contributions to the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of C6...

The edge of physics
Our Price: £9.99
A scientific and globetrotting exploration of the physics experiments changing the ways we understand our universe. Why is the universe expanding? Wh...
Fiber lasers
Our Price: £60.99
Fiber Lasers provides an overview of research results-from very basic to the most advanced-in the field of fiber laser technology. Both research and i...

Atoms, molecules and photons
Our Price: £84.99
This introduction to Atomic and Molecular Physics explains how our present model of atoms and molecules has been developed during the last two centuri...
Magnetism of surfaces, interface, and nanoscale materials
Our Price: £163.00
In the past 30 years, magnetic research has been dominated by the question of how surfaces and interfaces influence the magnetic and transport propert...

The nature of computation
Our Price: £62.00
Computational complexity is one of the most beautiful fields of modern mathematics, and it is increasingly relevant to other sciences ranging from phy...
Topological insulators and topological superconductors
Our Price: £82.00
This graduate-level textbook is the first pedagogical synthesis of the field of topological insulators and superconductors, one of the most exciting a...

Magnetism and magnetic materials
Our Price: £62.99
Covering basic physical concepts, experimental methods, and applications, this book is an indispensable text on the fascinating science of magnetism, ...
Materials engineering
Our Price: £76.00
Designed for both one- and two-semester courses, this textbook provides a succinct and easy-to-read introduction to crystal structures and structure-p...

Virtual synthesis of nanosystems by design
Our Price: £90.00
This is the only book on a novel fundamental method that uses quantum many body theoretical approach to synthesis of nanomaterials by design. This app...
Fundamentals of crystallography
Our Price: £56.00
Crystallography is an interdisciplinary science covering a wide area, from biology to earth sciences, mathematics and materials science. Its role is ...

21st century nanoscience Volume 10 Public policy, education, and global trends
Our Price: £150.00
21st Century Nanoscience - A Handbook: Public Policy, Education, and Global Trends (Volume 10) will be the most comprehensive, up-to-date large refere...
Continuum mechanics of solids
Our Price: £65.00
Continuum Mechanics of Solids is an introductory text for graduate students in the many branches of engineering, covering the basics of kinematics, eq...

Solid state physics
Our Price: £49.95
Solid State Physics, a comprehensive study for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of pure and applied sciences, and engineering disciplines i...
The graphene revolution
Our Price: £8.99
In 2003, Russian physicists Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov found a way to produce graphene - the thinnest substance in the world - by using stick...

Solar energy
Our Price: £24.99
This book uniquely covers both the physics of photovoltaic (PV) cells and the design of PV systems for real-life applications, including: - The funda...
21st century nanoscience Volume 4 Low-dimensional materials and morphologies
Our Price: £150.00
21st Century Nanoscience - A Handbook: Low-Dimensional Materials and Morphologies (Volume 4) will be the most comprehensive, up-to-date large referen...

Quantum field theory for the gifted amateur
Our Price: £29.99
Quantum field theory is arguably the most far-reaching and beautiful physical theory ever constructed, with aspects more stringently tested and verifi...
21st century nanoscience Volume six Nanophotonics, nanoelectronics, and nanoplasmonics
Our Price: £150.00
21st Century Nanoscience - A Handbook: Nanophotonics, Nanoelectronics, and Nanoplasmonics (Volume 6) will be the most comprehensive, up-to-date larg...

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