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Atmospheric physics

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An introduction to dynamic meteorology
Our Price: £69.99
During the past decade, the science of dynamic meteorology has continued its rapid advance. The scope of dynamic meteorology has broadened considerabl...
Statistical downscaling and bias correction for climate research
Our Price: £49.99
Statistical downscaling and bias correction are becoming standard tools in climate impact studies. This book provides a comprehensive reference to wid...

Atmospheric science
Our Price: £53.99
Atmospheric Science, Second Edition, is the long-awaited update of the classic atmospheric science text, which helped define the field nearly 30 years...
Solar and stellar flares and their effects on planets
Our Price: £95.99
Recent advances in observations and modelling of solar and stellar flares have opened up new perspectives for understanding the fundamental physical m...

Cloud dynamics
Our Price: £65.00
As models of the Earth/atmosphere system and observations become ever more sophisticated, and concerns about climate change and societal impacts of ex...
The atmosphere
Our Price: £8.99
The atmosphere is the thin, diffuse fluid that envelops the Earth's surface. Despite its apparent fragility, the existence of this fluid is vital for ...

Every breath you take
Our Price: £9.99
A fascinating journey through the atmosphere that will leave you breathless. With seven million early deaths a year linked to air pollution, air qual...
Data-driven computational methods
Our Price: £49.99
Modern scientific computational methods are undergoing a transformative change; big data and statistical learning methods now have the potential to ou...

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