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Inorganic chemistry

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The chemistry of explosives
Our Price: £25.99
This concise, easy-to-read book outlines the basic principles needed to understand the chemical mechanisms of explosion. Covering detonation, deflagra...
Name reactions
Our Price: £89.99
In this fifth edition of Jack Jie Li's seminal Name Reactions , the author has added twenty-seven new name reactions to reflect the recent advances i...

Aerogels handbook
Our Price: £279.99
Aerogels are the lightest solids known. Up to 1000 times lighter than glass and with a density as low as only four times that of air, they show very h...
Why chemical reactions happen
Our Price: £29.99
By tackling the most central ideas in chemistry, Why Chemical Reactions Happen provides the reader with all the tools and concepts needed to think lik...

The definitive illustrated guide to the elements
Our Price: £12.99
What links the Taj Mahal and our skeleton? Calcium. The Eiffel Tower and our blood? Iron. The salt on our fries and the street lamps that guide us hom...
Group theory and chemistry
Our Price: £14.49
Concise, self-contained introduction to group theory and its applications to chemical problems. Symmetry, symmetry operations, point groups, matrices,...

Foundations of inorganic chemistry
Our Price: £78.99
Foundations of Inorganic Chemistry by Gary Wulfsberg is our newest entry into the field of Inorganic Chemistry textbooks, designed uniquely for a one-...
Introduction to glass science and technology
Our Price: £29.95
This book provides a concise and inexpensive introduction for an undergraduate course in glass science and technology. The level of the book has delib...

Cracking the elements
Our Price: £14.99
From the earliest-known elements to those named in 2016, this book takes a comprehensive look at the development of the periodic table - and reveals u...
The periodic table
Our Price: £8.99
Here, Eric Scerri looks at the trends in properties of elements that led to the construction of the periodic table, and how the deeper meaning of its ...

Polymer chemistry
Our Price: £89.99
This comprehensive textbook describes the synthesis, characterization and technical and engineering applications of polymers. Offering a broad and bal...

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