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Radical chemistry
Our Price: £22.30
It is exactly 100 years since Moses Gomberg claimed that he had observed a substance containing a trivalent carbon atom i.e. a carbon-centred 'free r...
Studies in natural products chemistry
Our Price: £227.95
Studies in Natural Products Chemistry, Volume 55 covers rapid developments in spectroscopic techniques, also presenting advances in high-throughput sc...

Name reactions
Our Price: £87.29
In this fifth edition of Jack Jie Li's seminal Name Reactions , the author has added twenty-seven new name reactions to reflect the recent advances i...
The chemistry of fragrances
Our Price: £29.05
Ever wondered how perfumes are developed? Or why different scents appeal to different people? The Chemistry of Fragrances 2nd Edition offers answers t...

Understanding advanced organic and analytical chemistry
Our Price: £31.04
This revised edition has been updated to meet the minimum requirements of the new Singapore GCE A level syllabus that would be implemented in the year...
Our Price: £117.86
With the number of natural carotenoid structures reported rising above 700, there is a clear need for a single reference work containing data on all t...

Drug-like properties
Our Price: £143.56
Of the thousands of novel compounds that a drug discovery project team invents and that bind to the therapeutic target, only a fraction have sufficien...
Basic principles of drug discovery and development
Our Price: £71.77
Basic Principles of Drug Discovery and Development presents the multifaceted process of identifying a new drug in the modern era, providing comprehens...

C60 buckminsterfullerene
Our Price: £28.12
This compendium of accounts reveals the unique perspectives of many scientists who made major contributions to the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of C6...
Synthesis of medicinal agents from plants
Our Price: £155.20
Synthesis of Medicinal Agents from Plants highlights the importance of synthesizing medicinal agents from plants and outlines methods for performing i...

How to optimize fluid bed processing technology
Our Price: £43.64
How to Optimize Fluid Bed Processing Technology: Part of the Expertise in Pharmaceutical Process Technology Series addresses the important components ...
Why chemical reactions happen
Our Price: £29.09
By tackling the most central ideas in chemistry, Why Chemical Reactions Happen provides the reader with all the tools and concepts needed to think lik...

Bioconjugate techniques
Our Price: £89.73
Bioconjugate Techniques, Third Edition, is the essential guide to the modification and cross linking of biomolecules for use in research, diagnostics...
Pharmaceutical chemistry
Our Price: £33.94
Taking medication is a common occurrence for many people, whether it is to soothe an aching head, regulate blood sugars, or to treat life threatening ...

Organic chemistry
Our Price: £59.16
With authors who are accomplished researchers and educators, Organic Chemistry helps students understand the connection between structure and function to prepare them to understand mechanisms and solve practical problems in organic chemistry. The new edition brings in the latest research breakthroughs and includes expanded problem-solving
Pushing electrons
Our Price: £49.46
This brief guidebook assists you in mastering the difficult concept of pushing electrons that is vital to your success in Organic Chemistry. With an i...

Organic chemistry
Our Price: £56.25
Organised around functional groups, Wade's text is known for its student-oriented approach-incorporating problem solving help, orientation features, and complete discussions of mechanisms. He explains concepts without taking the unnecessary short cuts that often lead to misconceptions.
Organic chemistry
Our Price: £62.07
Designed for use as a supplement to a traditional text to encourage active and collaborative learning in the classroom, this activity book incorporate...

Study guide and solutions manual for organic chemistry
Our Price: £26.18
Written by Organic Chemistry co-author Neil Schore, this invaluable manual includes chapter introductions that highlight new materials, chapter outlines, detailed comments for each chapter section, a glossary, and solutions to the end-of-chapter problems, presented in a way that shows students how to reason their way to the answer.
Cracking the elements
Our Price: £14.54
From the earliest-known elements to those named in 2016, this book takes a comprehensive look at the development of the periodic table - and reveals u...

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