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Soil microbiology, ecology, and biochemistry
Our Price: £73.99
The fourth edition of Soil Microbiology, Ecology and Biochemistry updates this widely used reference as the study and understanding of soil biota, the...
Mycorrhizal symbiosis
Our Price: £101.00
The roots of most plants are colonized by symbiotic fungi to form mycorrhiza, which play a critical role in the capture of nutrients from the soil and...

Food microbiology
Our Price: £34.99
The new edition will revise individual chapters: a number of topics that will need updating, revising or introducing have already been identified and ...
Our Price: £8.99
Viruses are big news. From pandemics such as HIV, to swine flu, and SARS, we are constantly being bombarded with information about new lethal infectio...

Our Price: £7.99
Viruses are big news. From pandemics such as HIV, swine flu, and SARS, we are constantly being bombarded with information about new lethal infections....
Molecular microbial diagnostic methods
Our Price: £104.00
Molecular Microbial Diagnostic Methods: Pathways to Implementation for the Food and Water Industry was developed by recognized and experienced highlev...

I contain multitudes
Our Price: £10.99
The machinery of life
Our Price: £27.99
Imagine that we had some way to look directly at the molecules in a living organism. An x-ray microscope would do the trick, or since we're dreaming, ...

Life's Engines
Our Price: £15.99
The marvelous microbes that made life on Earth possible and support our very existenceFor almost four billion years, microbes had the primordial ocean...
The hidden half of nature
Our Price: £19.99
Our world is built on an invisible one we are barely beginning to understand. In The Hidden Half of Nature, geologist David R. Montgomery and b...

Meet your bacteria
Our Price: £14.99
Meet Your Bacteria introduces you to all of your tiny tenants, and reveals the fascinating inner workings of your body, and the importance of these us...
Nanobiomaterials in antimicrobial therapy
Our Price: £135.00
Nanobiomaterials in Antimicrobial Therapy presents novel antimicrobial approaches that enable nanotechnology to be used effectively in the treatment o...

An introduction to mathematical epidemiology
Our Price: £54.99
The book is a comprehensive, self-contained introduction to the mathematical modeling and analysis of infectious diseases. It includes model buildin...
Diagnostic molecular biology
Our Price: £95.95
Diagnostic Molecular Biology describes the fundamentals of molecular biology in a clear, concise manner to aid in the comprehension of this complex su...

Rumen Microbiology
Our Price: £139.99
This book offers an in-depth description of different groups of microbes (i.e. bacteria, protozoa, fungi and viruses) that exist in the rumen microbia...
Our Price: £8.99
Bacteria form a fundamental branch of life. They are the oldest forms of life as we know it, and they are still the most prolific living organisms. Th...

Pharmaceutical microbiology
Our Price: £155.00
Pharmaceutical Microbiology: Essentials for Quality Assurance and Quality Control presents that latest information on protecting pharmaceutical and he...
Microbiology for dummies
Our Price: £16.99
For more information about this series: For Dummies

Infectious disease
Our Price: £8.99
As doctors and biologists have learned, to their dismay, infectious disease is a moving target: new diseases emerge every year, old diseases evolve in...
Advances in microbial food safety. Volume 2
Our Price: £275.00
Research and legislation in food microbiology continue to evolve, and outbreaks of foodborne disease place further pressure on the industry to provide...

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