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Marine biology

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Eye of the shoal
Our Price: £16.48
'Scales's genuine appreciation and awe for fish are contagious.' Science 'Delightful' New Scientist Seventy per cent of the earth's surface is cover...
Other minds
Our Price: £9.69
'Brilliant' GuardianWaterstones Non-Fiction Book of the Month (March)SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2017 ROYAL SOCIETY SCIENCE BOOK PRIZEWhat if intelligent life...

Our Price: £20.37
A New York Times bestseller, Ocean is like being on a dive. Using Photicular technology, each image is like a 3-D movie on the page, delivering a rich...
Death at SeaWorld
Our Price: £11.63
Killer whales are among the most intelligent, social and ecologically complex animals on Earth. Is keeping them in captivity for entertainment purposes justifiable? In 'Death at Sea World', award-winning investigative journalist David Kirby explores this question with a shocking dramatic narrative that goes behind the carefully managed facade of Se

The ecology book
Our Price: £18.42
How do species interact with each other and their environment? What is biodiversity and can we afford to damage it? As our influence on the planet gro...
The science of the ocean
Our Price: £29.10
Dive into this uniquely elegant visual exploration of the sea An informative and utterly beautiful introduction to marine life and the ocean environme...

Our Price: £8.72
The tide is the greatest synchronised movement of matter on our planet. Every drop of seawater takes part in tidal motion, driven by the gravitational...
The perfect aquarium
Our Price: £15.51
Everything the first time fish-keeper needs to know to set up a tank. Clear, easy-to-follow instructions help you create and develop your aquarium - w...

Handbook of the marine fauna of north-west Europe
Our Price: £101.85
This authoritative guide enables accurate identification of the common components of the inshore benthic invertebrates of the British Isles and adjace...
Advances in research techniques for the study of sea turtles
Our Price: £205.63
Over the last four decades, threats from anthropogenic activities such as Bycatch, modification or destruction of critical habitats, and use or consu...

Eye of the shoal
Our Price: £12.60
'Scales's genuine appreciation and awe for fish are contagious.' Science 'Delightful' New Scientist Seventy per cent of the earth's surface is cover...
Marine biology
Our Price: £109.60
Marine Biology covers the basics of marine biology with a global approach, using examples from numerous regions and ecosystems worldwide. This introd...

Coral reefs
Our Price: £8.72
Coral reefs have been long regarded with awe by the millions of people who have encountered them over the centuries. Early seafarers were wary of the...
Voices in the ocean
Our Price: £9.69
Humans and dolphins have a unique bond. We know that dolphins are highly intelligent, intensely sociable beings who recognize their own reflections, i...

Introduction to marine biogeochemistry
Our Price: £59.17
Introduction to Marine Biogeochemistry focuses on the ocean's role in the biogeochemical cycling of selected elements and the impact of humans on the ...
The hadal zone
Our Price: £54.31
The hadal zone represents one of the last great frontiers in marine science, accounting for 45% of the total ocean depth range. Despite very little re...

Coastal conservation
Our Price: £30.06
Coastal ecosystems are centres of high biological productivity, but their conservation is often threatened by numerous and complex environmental facto...
Marine mammals of the world
Our Price: £63.05
This new edition of Marine Mammals of the World describes and illustrates newly discovered and rarely photographed species, making it the most compreh...

Encyclopedia of marine mammals
Our Price: £143.56
The Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals, Third Edition covers the ecology, behavior, conservation, evolution, form and function of whales, dolphins, seals,...
The cardiovascular system
Our Price: £80.51
The Cardiovascular System: Design, Control and Function, Volume 36A, a two- volume set, not only provides comprehensive coverage of the current knowle...

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