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Fingers in the sparkle jar
Our Price: £10.66
Voted the UK's Favourite Nature BookThe memoir that inspired Chris Packham's BBC documentary, Asperger's and MeEvery minute was magical, every single ...
Our Price: £8.72
Sunday TimesBestseller'Passionate and well-researched' Tatler'A must-read' IndependentA social history of Labradors, and how they have become the worl...

Metacommunity ecology
Our Price: £52.38
Metacommunity ecology links smaller-scale processes that have been the provenance of population and community ecology-such as birth-death processes, s...
Animal heroes
Our Price: £7.75
Magic, the miniature pony who helped a woman speak again after three years of silence Stubby, the stray dog who braved the front line with soldiers...

The scientists
Our Price: £14.55
'To say this series is empowering doesn't do it justice. Buy a copy for your daughters, sisters, mums, aunts and nieces - just make sure you buy a...
Beastly questions
Our Price: £29.09
Zooarchaeology, the study of ancient animals, is a frequently side-lined subject in archaeology. This 'important and provocative' volume, now availabl...

What it's like to be a dog
Our Price: £16.48
What does your dog really think about you? To find out, Gregory Berns became the first neuroscientist to persuade dogs to lie in an MRI machine wide ...
The biology of the honey bee
Our Price: £30.02
From ancient cave paintings of honey bee nests to modern science's richly diversified investigation of honey bee biology and its applications, the hum...

Think dog
Our Price: £8.72
In the 1980s and 1990s John Fisher revolutionised dog training, first in England, then in the US. With his self-deprecating manner and 'Oh! So British...
The dog
Our Price: £19.40
This hardback almanac is the perfect edition addition to any dog lover's library and a useful tool for anyone considering acquiring a four-legged fri...

Horse crazy
Our Price: £19.40
ONE OF USA TODAY'S 20 SUMMER BOOKS YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS In the bestselling tradition of works by such authors as Susan Orlean and Mary Roach, a Ne...
Marine ecology
Our Price: £41.70
The oceans cover the majority of the Earth's surface; they influence our climate and provide a valuable source of food to billions of people. Yet desp...

Our Price: £24.25
Welcome to the museum! There are more than 160 animal specimens to be discovered in Animalium, the first in a series of virtual museums. Wander the ga...
Our Price: £19.40
Sunday TimesBestseller'Passionate and well-researched' Tatler'A must-read' IndependentA social history of Labradors, and how they have become the worl...

The new neotropical companion
Our Price: £30.00
The acclaimed guide to the ecology and natural history of the American tropics-now fully updated and expandedThe New Neotropical Companion is the comp...
British and Irish butterflies
Our Price: £72.75
Islands are special places; they can be havens for unique plants and animals and refuges for wildlife. This book investigates the biogeography of butt...

Unlikely friendships
Our Price: £10.66
It is exactly like Isaiah 11:6: The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid . . . Written by National Geog...
Solitary bees
Our Price: £19.99
In Britain and Ireland there are about ten times more species of solitary bee than bumblebee and honeybee combined, yet the solitary bees tend to be i...

Behavioural neuroscience
Our Price: £29.09
Brain and behaviour are intrinsically linked. Animals demonstrate a huge and complex repertoire of behaviours, so how can specific behaviours be mappe...
Escaping from predators
Our Price: £71.77
When a predator attacks, prey are faced with a series of 'if', 'when' and 'how' escape decisions - these critical questions are the foci of this book....

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