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Zoology: amphibians & reptiles (herpetology)

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The book of frogs
Our Price: £35.00
Recent intense scrutiny of amphibian conservation status makes this title a timely archive in the context of the frogs dramatic decline. Frogs are adv...
Reptiles and Amphibians of the Pacific Islands
Our Price: £29.00
The Pacific is not only the world's largest body of water; its vast expanse also includes an extraordinary number and diversity of oceanic islands, fr...

Our Price: £65.00
The fourth edition of the textbook Herpetology covers the basic biology of amphibians and reptiles, with updates in nearly every conceptual area. Not ...
Our Price: £30.00
From tiny to gigantic, from drab to remarkably beautiful, from harmless to venomous, lizards are spectacular products of natural selection. This book,...

Amphibian ecology and conservation
Our Price: £46.49
This practical manual of amphibian ecology and conservation brings together a distinguished, international group of amphibian researchers to provide a...
Field guide to the amphibians & reptiles of Britain and Europe
Our Price: £25.00
The taxonomy and systematics of European reptiles and amphibians have changed a lot in recent years, yet there is no modern, up-to-date field guide av...

The wildlife pond book
Our Price: £16.99
Ponds are vital oases for nature. They are nursery grounds, feeding stops and bathing spots. They are genetic superhighways and vibrant ecosystems eac...
How to keep dinosaurs
Our Price: £12.99
'Who could resist a handbook about potential pets that has a little symbol for likes children and a separate one for likes children to eat ... wond...

The lizards, crocodiles, and turtles of Honduras
Our Price: £35.95
Based on years of field work and the examination of thousands of museum specimens, The Lizards, Crocodiles, and Turtles of Honduras is the final insta...
Our Price: £12.99
Find out about snakes from all over the world in this best-selling visual guide, with information about snake evolution, habitats, reproductive behavi...

The book of snakes
Our Price: £40.00
There are over 3,700 species of snake found on every continent except for Antarctica, ranging in size from Barbados' tiny threadsnake to Southeast Asi...

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