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The art of Pixar
Our Price: £34.20
Over the past 25 years, Pixar's team of artists, writers, and directors have shaped the world of contemporary animation with their feature films and shorts. This title is a treasure trove of rare artwork and an essential addition to the library of animation fans and Pixar enthusiasts.
The art of Disney Pixar Finding Dory
Our Price: £22.50
What can Dory remember? Who are her parents? In Finding Dory, Pixar Animation Studios sets out to answer these questions, to the delight of Finding Ne...

The art of Ponyo
Our Price: £22.50
Ponyo, loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid, is a hand-drawn feature-length film. This ART OF book includes not only cell art...
Visual storytelling with color and light
Our Price: £31.99
Though digital technology will continue to advance the way art is created, traditional mediums and techniques will remain fundamental to creating art....

The art of DreamWorks Animation
Our Price: £36.00
Founded in 1994 by Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Geffen, DreamWorks Animation instantly became a world-renowned animation studio wit...
Our Price: £55.00
Featuring four spreads with over 24 pop-ups from the New York Times best-selling author, artist, and pop-up master, Matthew Reinhart, this breathtakin...

The art of Walt Disney
Our Price: £70.00
This book is the official, massively illustrated history of Disney, from Mickey Mouse to The Lion King and beyond.
The Enchiridion & Marcy's super secret scrapbook!!!
Our Price: £17.99
Dive deeper into the secrets of the Land of Ooo with this mysterious mash-up of The Enchiridion (the ancient hero's handbook, as featured on the series) with Marcelines private scrapbook.

The art of Ratatouille
Our Price: £29.00
The 'Art of Ratatouille' explores the artistic vision upon which the film was built, featuring fascinating concept art, storyboards, full-colour pastels, pencil sketches, maquettes and more.
Story structure and development
Our Price: £44.09
Professor Craig Caldwell's Story Structure and Development offers a clear approach to the essentials of story. It lays out the fundamental elements, p...

The art of Rick and Morty
Our Price: £30.00
The animated science-fiction adventures of Rick and Morty are irreverent, shocking, and hilarious - from the cynical and rapid-fire one liners, to the grotesquely and endearing character designs. Now, take a deep trans-dimensional dive into the creation of these many insane universes with 'The Art of Rick and Morty'.
The art of DreamWorks Rise of the guardians
Our Price: £24.99
'The Art of the Rise of the Guardians' is a look at the ways artists and craftspeople collaborated to create a stunning CG movie in 3D that will change the way we look at childhood.

Fluid frames
Our Price: £35.99
Once the realm of a few stalwart artists, animating with sand, clay, and wet paint is now accessible for all filmmakers with an experimental frame of ...
Woody's augmented reality adventure
Our Price: £9.99
Once you've downloaded the free app you just scan the pages and all the toys jump out in 3D animation onto your book! Play with Woody, press Buzz's buttons to open his wings, trigger his laser light and sounds and fill Hamm with coins. Help Woody and his friends collect the augmented reality clues and then unlock a hidden Toy Story 4 character! Thi

Sketching for animation
Our Price: £26.99
Drawing and sketching are central to the art of animation and can be crucial tools in designing and developing original stories, characters and layout...
Producing animation
Our Price: £35.99
You have a useful library of books covering the tools, techniques and aesthetics of animation, but you've been asked to put your production and creati...

The art of Aardman
Our Price: £15.29
This book celebrates 40 years of the Aardman studio by taking the reader on a tour through its archives. The studio responsible for creating Academy A...
Timing for animation
Our Price: £23.99
A classic of animation education since it first published in 1981. For more than 25 years, copies of Timing for Animation have been sitting dog-eared ...

The art of Disney Moana
Our Price: £22.50
The Art of Moana is the latest title in our exceptional series showcasing artwork from the creation of Walt Disney Animations' latest releases. Three ...
The art of The Wind Rises
Our Price: £22.50
The Art of the Wind Rises is the latest in the perennially popular line of Studio Ghibli artbooks, which includes interviews, concept sketches, and fi...