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The wisdom of trees
Our Price: £9.00
A passionate and informative celebration of trees and of man's ingenuity in exploiting their resources: the perfect gift for anyone who cares about th...
Ancient wisdom, modern world
Our Price: £8.99
At a time and in a culture where science and technology have taken over from religious belief, when ethics are understood primarily in terms of aesthe...

Environmental news in South America
Our Price: £71.99
Combining perspectives from media studies and political ecology, this book analyses socially constructed news regarding three environmental conflicts ...
Our Price: £9.89
At the dawn of the atomic age, uranium and thorium were equally important as the elements of choice in researching nuclear energy - either one could h...

Oak and ash and thorn
Our Price: £5.99
A Guardian Best Nature Book of the Year The magic and mystery of the woods are embedded in culture, from ancient folklore to modern literature. They...
Keeping bees
Our Price: £8.99
Beekeeping is a fascinating and rewarding activity and is hugely important to the survival of our declining bee population, as much covered recently b...

Our Price: £11.69
A SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER'Vibrant, fascinating, poetic - a year in living things: all the things we love, all the things we wish we could, all the lit...
No. More. Plastic
Our Price: £6.99
Discover what you can do to save the planet from plastic. Start now. All it takes is 2 minutes of your time.'I read this book yesterday and I've done ...

The cartoon guide to the environment
Our Price: £9.99
Do you think that the Ozone Hole is a grunge rock club? Or that the Food Web is an on-line restaurant guide? Or that the Green Revolution happened in ...
Climate change
Our Price: £62.95
Climate Change: Alternate Governance Policy for South Asia provides an assessment of climate change issues through the socioeconomic lens of one of th...

Stuarts' field guide to national parks & nature reserves of South Africa
Our Price: £13.49
This field guide covers all key game and nature reserves of South Africa. The book is structured regionally and, within each region, the parks featur...
British forests
Our Price: £25.00
Founded in 1919 to deal with the chronic timber shortage after the First World War, the Forestry Commission has developed from a government department...

Environmental science for dummies
Our Price: £15.99
Some students have a hard time grasping the interrelationships of the natural world and the role that humans play within the environment. This text offers easy-to-understand explanations of the concepts and material you'll encounter in your introductory-level course.
Environment, politics and society
Our Price: £60.26
This special volume of Research in Political Sociology addresses the interconnectivity of environment, politics and society. Contributors engage with...

Managing outdoor recreation
Our Price: £35.99
This fully updated second edition presents a conceptual framework of outdoor recreation management in the form of a series of management matrices. It ...
Ecological effects of electricity generation, storage and use
Our Price: £23.39
This book reviews the past, present and future generation and use of electricity. While noting the importance of electricity to the well-being of peop...

The vegetarian myth
Our Price: £17.99
The vegetarian diet is praised for being sustainable and animal-friendly, but after 20 years of being a vegan, Lierre Keith has changed her opinion. C...
Adventures in the Anthropocene
Our Price: £9.89
** Winner of Royal Society Winton Prize for Science Books 2015 **We live in epoch-making times. The changes we humans have made in recent decades have...

Beyond politics
Our Price: £27.99
Private sector action provides one of the most promising opportunities to reduce the risks of climate change, buying time while governments move slowl...
Catching thunder
Our Price: £12.99
December, 2014: In the forbidding waters off Antarctica, Captain Hammarstedt of the Bob Barker sets off on a voyage unlike any seen before. Across ten...