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Theory of music & musicology

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Our Price: £20.00
Flamenco Improvisation Volume 1
Our Price: £41.99
The definitive, comprehensive explanation of both the harmonic and melodic aspects of flamenco! Flamenco Improvisation - Modal Improvisation and Melod...

Why Dylan matters
Our Price: £12.99
A GUARDIAN AND INDEPENDENT BEST MUSIC BOOK OF 2017.'At last an expert classicist gets to grips with Bob Dylan' Mary Beard'A poignant blend of memoir, ...
Mars by 1980
Our Price: £12.99
In Mars By 1980, David Stubbs charts the evolution of electronic music from the earliest mechanical experiments in the late nineteenth century, throug...

Annoying music in everyday life
Our Price: £19.99
Just as music has the power to inspire, it has the power to irritate and enrage. Why does certain music annoy us? Why does it force us to leave rooms,...
Including everyone
Our Price: £25.49
Many practical books for music educators who work with special needs students focus on students' disabilities, rather than on the inclusive classroom ...

The Oxford companion to music
Our Price: £40.00
The Oxford Companion to Music is one of the most famous music reference works of all time. This invaluable Companion now reappears in a completely new...
Sound art revisited
Our Price: £21.99
The first edition of Sound Art Revisited (published as Sound Art: Beyond Music, Between Categories) served as a groundbreaking work toward defining th...

Blackface nation
Our Price: £22.50
As the United States transitioned from a rural nation to an urbanized, industrial giant between the War of 1812 and the early twentieth century, ordin...
Composing for the films
Our Price: £21.99
First published in 1947, this account of the nature of film music aesthetics has a wider scope as a study of modern, industrialized culture, as well as being relevant to the whole area of cultural studies.

Every song ever
Our Price: £9.99
'A remarkable new book ... goes leaping from Beethoven to Big Black, from Morton Feldman to Curtis Mayfield, identifying continuities while delighti...
Interactive composition
Our Price: £29.99
Interactive Composition empowers readers with all of the practical skills and insights needed to compose and perform electronic popular music in a var...

Scoring the screen
Our Price: £23.95
Today musical composition for films is more popular than ever. In professional and academic spheres media music study and practice are growing; unde...
The Oxford handbook of popular music in the Nordic countries
Our Price: £110.00
Popular music has come to play a significant role in the political and cultural history of the Nordic countries. Research on the region's culture has ...

Music, health, and wellbeing
Our Price: £33.49
The great saxophonist Charlie Parker once proclaimed if you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn . This quote has often been used to explain...
Counterpoint in composition
Our Price: £42.00
'Counterpoint in Composition' began life not as a book, but as a collection of examples from the literature. Dr. Salzer and Dr. Schachter assembled it to show the connections between the simple procedures of species counterpoint and the complexities of composition, an approach to counterpoint deriving from the work of Heinrich Schenker.

How music works
Our Price: £16.99
How Music Works is David Byrne's bestselling, buoyant celebration of a subject he has spent a lifetime thinking about. Drawing on his own work over th...
Our Price: £9.99
Don Breithaupt's book on Aja includes a detailed song-by-song analysis, an extended interview with co-writer, co-founder, singer, and pianist Donalg Fagen and discusses a wide range of Aja-related issues.

Simultaneous learning
Our Price: £9.99
Paul Harris's highly successful Simultaneous Learning approach is an entirely positive and imaginative way to teach, which embraces the understanding ...
The elements of music
Our Price: £5.99
This title presents the elements of music in a way that is pedagogically clear and comprehensible by building upon simple principles of proportion and relationship.

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