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The speed of sound
Our Price: £8.09
- A candid and entertaining memoir from rich and varied life: from chart-topping musician to Silicon Valley innovator. - Full of brilliant anecdotes ...
The speed of sound
Our Price: £13.49
- A candid and entertaining memoir from rich and varied life: from chart-topping musician to Silicon Valley innovator. - Full of brilliant anecdotes ...

Dance music manual
Our Price: £31.49
What are the differences between trance and chill out? How can you create compelling, professional-sounding original or remixed dance tracks? With Dan...
Handmade electronic music
Our Price: £41.99
Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking provides a long-needed, practical, and engaging introduction to the craft of making - as well a...

The Story of Northern Soul
Our Price: £9.89
What began as an underground 60s Mod scene in unlicensed, no-frills clubs in the North West of England became a youth craze that has long surpassed al...
Our Price: £34.20
Below the level of the musical note lies the realm of microsound, of sound particles lasting less than one-tenth of a second. Recent technological adv...

Our Price: £25.20
Rough Trade's Book of the YearElectronic Sound Magazine's Book of the Year Mute Records is one of the most revered and influential independent music l...
Energy flash
Our Price: £18.00
Twenty-five years since acid house and Ecstasy revolutionized pop culture, Simon Reynolds's landmark rave history Energy Flash has been expanded and u...

Rave art
Our Price: £15.29
Documenting the influential global phenomenon that is rave culture through a definitive collection of flyers and ephemera associated with the movement...
Inner sound
Our Price: £26.99
Over the last century, developments in electronic music and art have enabled new possibilities for creating audio and audio-visual artworks. With this...

Special sound
Our Price: £25.19
Special Sound traces the fascinating creation and legacy of the BBC's electronic music studio, the Radiophonic Workshop, in the context of other studi...
Sound unbound
Our Price: £28.80
The role of sound and digital media in an information-based society: artists -- from Steve Reich and Pierre Boulez to Chuck D and Moby -- describe their work.

The audio programming book
Our Price: £52.20
An encyclopedic handbook on audio programming for students and professionals, with many cross-platform open source examples and a DVD covering advanced topics.
The second summer of love
Our Price: £16.99
'The definitive look at dance music and club culture - a must read' - Paul Oakenfold 'Brilliantly woven collection of aural histories ... a damn fine...

All things remembered
Our Price: £8.99
All Things Remembered is the story of the man born Clifford J. Price -- jungle's most streetwise ambassador who went on to collect an MBE from Bucking...
The SuperCollider book
Our Price: £40.50
The essential reference to SuperCollider, a powerful, flexible, open-source, cross-platform audio programming language.

Blue lines
Our Price: £8.99
In 1991, a loose-knit collective released a record called Blue Lines under the name Massive Attack, splicing together American hip-hop and soul with t...
Acid for the children
Our Price: £18.00
Flea, the iconic bassist and co-founder, alongside Anthony Kiedis, of the immortal Red Hot Chili Peppers finally tells his fascinating origin story, ...

Our Price: £8.09
The official autobiography of Wiley, the 'Godfather of Grime' Richard Kylea Cowie, or Wiley, is one of the most innovative and influential musician...
Mars by 1980
Our Price: £11.69
In Mars By 1980, David Stubbs charts the evolution of electronic music from the earliest mechanical experiments in the late nineteenth century, throug...