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Language & Linguistics

Includes books on Language Teaching and Learning, Creative Writing, Dictionaries, Grammar, Speaking in Public and Linguistics, Lexicography, Philosophy of Language, Sociolinguistics, Translation and Interpretation.

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Creative family therapy techniques
Our Price: £30.99
Bringing together an array of highly creative contributors, this comprehensive resource presents a unique collection of assessment and treatment techn...
The Upanishads
Our Price: £7.99
The Upanishads, the earliest of which were composed in Sanskrit between 800 and 400 bce by sages and poets, form part of the Vedas - the sacred and an...

Little gods
Our Price: £9.99
While Jacob Polley's first collection, The Brink, announced a poet of great promise, few readers will be prepared for a work of the mature and slow po...
Goodnight world
Our Price: £11.99
When the day's at an end, up to bed we will go, The sky becomes dusky and so the night grows. When the bright golden sun sheds the last of its light, ...

Collins AQA Step Up to English
Our Price: £270.00
Ensure that all students build the literacy skills they need to achieve their goals, whether that is completing Entry Level or stepping up to GCSE, wi...
The secret life of language
Our Price: £12.99
This book looks at how language has evolved around the globe from ancestral proto-languages to our recognisable modern tongues. It demonstrates how la...

Introducing language and linguistics
Our Price: £32.99
Exploring Language and Linguistics considers the key concepts of linguistics and the application of these concepts to real-world settings. The first e...
Goodnight world
Our Price: £6.99
When the day's at an end, up to bed we will go, The sky becomes dusky and so the night grows. When the bright golden sun sheds the last of its light, ...

Parting the Veil
Our Price: £20.99
This is the first book dedicated to the art of Nene Tina Thomas.
How Proust can change your life
Our Price: £9.99
With an introduction by comedian and novelist David BaddielA novel in seven volumes, Marcel Proust's In Search of Lost Time is considered a major lite...

How Proust can change your life
Our Price: £8.99
'What a marvellous book this is . . . de Botton dissects what [Proust] had to say about friendship, reading, looking carefully, paying attention takin...
Mozart's women
Our Price: £16.99
Mozart was fascinated, amused, aroused, hurt, and betrayed by women. He loved and respected them, composed for them, performed with them. This unique ...

The Cambridge encyclopedia of language
Our Price: £30.00
This new, thoroughly revised edition of the acclaimed Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language incorporates the major developments in language study which h...
Total Spanish with the Michael Thomas method
Our Price: £90.00
Looking for a convenient language course that fits your lifestyle and gets you speaking a new language in a matter of hours? The acclaimed audio-led ...

The English language
Our Price: £8.99
The English language is spoken by more than a billion people throughout the world. But where did English come from? And how has it evolved into the la...
Woodcut Portraits
Our Price: £47.50
Renowned English tattooer Alex Binnie puts down his machine and takes up the gouge for this series of portraits of his friends and colleagues from the...

The prodigal tongue
Our Price: £16.99
'The first and perhaps only book on the relative merits of American and British English that is dominated by facts and analysis rather than nationalis...
Willkommen! 2 German intermediate course. CD & DVD set
Our Price: £25.99
Willkommen! 2 Intermediate course is a brand new multi-format German adult learning programme for classroom and home use. This listing is for the CD a...

Our Price: £8.99
Translation is everywhere, and matters to everybody. Translation doesn't only give us foreign news, dubbed films and instructions for using the microw...
Women talk more than men...and other myths about language explained
Our Price: £17.99
Do women talk more than men? Does text messaging make you stupid? Can chimpanzees really talk to us? This fascinating textbook addresses a wide range ...

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