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Being a writer
Our Price: £15.00
The joys and challenges of being a writer are explored in this inspiring assemblage of wit, wisdom and hard-won practical advice from some of the worl...
Read this if you want to be a great writer
Our Price: £12.99
This book demystifies the writing process, empowering you to write your own novel or short story. Acclaimed author Ross Raisin explains expert techniq...

On writing
Our Price: £10.99
Twentieth Anniversary Edition with Contributions from Joe Hill and Owen King Immensely helpful and illuminating to any aspiring writer, this special e...
Save the cat!
Our Price: £14.99
Here's what started the phenomenon: the best seller, for over 15 years, that's been used by screenwriters around the world! Blake Snyder tells all in...

The creative writing coursebook
Our Price: £18.99
A fully updated comprehensive guide for improving and practicing your creative writing, including contributions from Ali Smith and Kit de Waal The Cre...
On writing well
Our Price: £11.99

'Dearest Squirrel...'
Our Price: £20.00
A completely fresh insight into the mind of one of the UK's greatest playwrights, the letters between John Osborne and his first wife, actress Pamela...
Tips from a publisher
Our Price: £12.99
From a handy introduction to how the publishing world works, and how authors fit into it, to practical tips on writing your book, strategies for editi...

The Art of Bible Journaling
Our Price: £16.99
Deepen your connection to God, and enrich your creative soul, with this inspiring guide to Bible journaling. Christians searching for new ways to st...
How to be a poet
Our Price: £14.99
How to be a Poet is the brainchild of poet Jo Bell and editor Jane Commane. As a natural follow-on to the 52 Project of 2014, this book aims to help p...

Write yourself
Our Price: £22.99
Write Yourself is a complete introduction to facilitating creative writing for therapy or personal development, both with individuals and groups. Clea...
How to write your best story ever!
Our Price: £9.99
Ideal for children wanting to enter story writing competitions! This is a humorous and authoritative book that will awaken the author in every child, ...

Reading like a writer
Our Price: £12.99
In her entertaining and edifying New York Times bestseller, acclaimed author Francine Prose invites you to sit by her side and take a guided tour of t...
Essays on the self
Our Price: £14.99
 Questions of identity and individual experience are addressed by Virgina Woolf in this superb collectionThe Notting Hill Editions Classic Collection...

Why will no-one publish my novel?
Our Price: £8.99
You've written a book, triumphantly typed 'The End', but now, it seems, no-one wants to publish it. What do you do next? Author of over thirty novels,...
The writer's journey
Our Price: £18.99
The udated and revised third edition provides new insights and observations from Vogler's ongoing work on mythology's influence on stories, movies, an...

How to write like a bestselling author
Our Price: £12.99
Who hasn't dreamt of writing a bestseller? Illuminating the best-known works of 50 celebrated authors, writing coach Tony Rossiter shows you exactly ...
Prolific moment
Our Price: £34.99
Prolific Moment: Theory and Practice of Mindfulness for Writing foregrounds the present in all activities of composing, offering a new perspective on ...

So you want to be a playwright?
Our Price: £10.99
How to write a play and get it produced - a manual for playwrights. Playwright and former literary manager Tim Fountain guides the budding playwright...
The crime writer's casebook
Our Price: £10.99
A Straightforward Guide to The Crime Writer's Casebook is an essential research companion for all writers of crime fiction and non-fiction. The Crime ...

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