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Language and gender
Our Price: £15.50
Essential study guides for the future linguist. Language and Gender is an introduction to the English language as a vital, dynamic force in understan...
The Chambers dictionary
Our Price: £39.99

That's the way it crumbles
Our Price: £15.29
Are we tired of hearing that fall is a season, sick of being offered fries and told about the latest movie? Yeah. Have we noticed the sly interpolatio...
Fowler's concise dictionary of modern English usage
Our Price: £11.99
Fowler's Concise Dictionary of Modern English Usage is an invaluable reference work that offers the best advice on English usage. Known in previous ed...

Latin for dummies
Our Price: £13.49
Earn-lay atin-Lay? No, not that kind of Latin! You can learn true Latin, with conjugations, declensions, and all those extra syllables -- and it's eas...
Text analysis and representation
Our Price: £15.50
Essential study guides for the future linguist. Text Analysis and Representation is a general introduction to the methods and principles behind Engli...

Doing research in applied linguistics
Our Price: £33.29
Doing Research in Applied Linguistics: Realities, dilemmas, and solutions provides insight and guidance for those undertaking research, and shows the...
Spanish for dummies
Our Price: £15.29
For more information about this series: For Dummies

New Oxford spelling dictionary
Our Price: £14.99
Reissued to publish alongside New Hart's Rules and the New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors, the New Oxford Spelling Dictionary is the autho...
Spanish all-in-one for dummies
Our Price: £22.99
This is a value-packed guide to speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish. The book features nearly 800 pages of expert instruction to help people master Spanish basics and beyond.

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court
Our Price: £7.75
Hank Morgan is a happy young man in Connecticut, USA, in 1879 until one day someone runs into his office and shouts, 'Come quickly, Boss! Two men are ...
Spanish for dummies
Our Price: £16.99
Whether you want to take up Spanish from scratch or brush up on your existing skills, this practical guide offers helpful lessons, cultural facts, handy references and much more. Included is a Spanish-English mini-dictionary and common verb lists.

The Routledge handbook of educational linguistics
Our Price: £39.99
The Routledge Handbook of Educational Linguistics provides a comprehensive survey of the core and current language-related issues in educational conte...
Grammatical theory and bilingual codeswitching
Our Price: £14.39
Theoretically significant work on the grammar of codeswitching by the leading researchers in the field.

Language change
Our Price: £24.29
How and why do languages change? Where does the evidence of language change come from? How do languages begin and end? This introduction to language c...
Replication research in applied linguistics
Our Price: £35.99
The only book available dedicated to the theory and practice of replication research in Second Language Acquisition and Applied Linguistics. A replic...

An A-Z of applied linguistics research methods
Our Price: £29.99
Featuring an extensive set of entries covering all aspects of research methodology, ranging from basic to more advanced topics, this is an essential r...
English as a global language
Our Price: £9.89
David Crystal's classic English as a Global Language considers the history, present status and future of the English language, focusing on its role as...

Signalling nouns in English
Our Price: £21.59
Signalling nouns (SNs) are abstract nouns like 'fact', 'idea', 'problem' and 'result', which are non-specific in their meaning when considered in isol...
Conference interpreting explained
Our Price: £22.49
Roderick Jones adopts a very practical approach to both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, providing detailed illustrations of note-taking, re...