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A beginner's guide to language and gender
Our Price: £17.95
In this revised and updated 2nd edition of her pioneering textbook, Allyson Jule offers fresh insights into the study of language and gender for those...
Learning pragmatics from native and nonnative language teachers
Our Price: £34.95
This book deals with intercultural pragmatics and how both nonnative teachers (NNTs) and native teachers (NTs) may enhance their classroom instruction...

Teaching and researching language and culture
Our Price: £32.99
Language and culture are concepts increasingly found at the heart of developments in applied linguistics and related fields. Taken together, they can ...
The social life of the Japanese language
Our Price: £76.99
Why are different varieties of the Japanese language used differently in social interaction, and how are they perceived? How do honorifics operate to ...

The happiness passport
Our Price: £12.99
In Hayes' book ... she joins the dots between these differing beliefs to help us cultivate a richer shared vocabulary of happiness, and unravels the ...
Our Price: £41.99
This study is about the principles for constructing polite speeches. The core of it first appeared in Questions and Politeness, edited by Esther N. Go...

The secret life of language
Our Price: £12.99
This book looks at how language has evolved around the globe from ancestral proto-languages to our recognisable modern tongues. It demonstrates how la...
A rulebook for arguments
Our Price: £10.00
A Rulebook for Arguments is a succinct introduction to the art of writing and assessing arguments, organized around specific rules, each illustrated a...

The discursive construction of national identity
Our Price: £32.00
How do we construct national identities in discourse? Which topics, which discursive strategies and which linguistic devices are employed to construct...
History of English
Our Price: £26.99
Routledge English Language Introductions cover core areas of language study and are one-stop resources for students. Assuming no prior knowledge, book...

Our Price: £89.99
This book explores the role of photographs in newspapers and online news, analyzing how meanings are made in images and exploring text-image relations...
Linguistic anthropology
Our Price: £36.99
In this textbook, first published in 1997, Alessandro Duranti introduces linguistic anthropology as an interdisciplinary field which studies language ...

Public and political discourses of migration
Our Price: £37.95
Popular, political and media discourses frame the issue of migration and shape how and when it enters the public and political consciousness. These...
An introduction to sociolinguistics
Our Price: £36.95
This edition incorporates a wealth of new material which reflects progress in the field since the start of the 1990s. The coverage of topics such as pidgins and creoles, code switching, and language change have been considerably revised and extended.

Decolonising the mind
Our Price: £14.99
Ngugi describes this book as 'a summary of some of the issues in which I have been passionately involved for the last twenty years of my practice in f...
Our Price: £21.99
Sociolinguistics is a dynamic field of research that explains the role and function of language in social life. This book offers the most substantial ...

Scripts of servitude
Our Price: £29.95
This book examines how language is a central resource in transforming migrant women into transnational domestic workers. Focusing on the migration of ...
English with an accent
Our Price: £38.99
Since its initial publication, English with an Accent has provoked debate and controversy within classrooms through its in-depth scrutiny of American ...

Facebook and conversation analysis
Our Price: £100.00
Facebook and Conversation Analysis investigates the structure and organization of comments on a major social media platform, Facebook, using applied c...
Our Price: £8.99
Rhetoric is often seen as a synonym for shallow, deceptive language, and therefore as something negative. But if we view rhetoric in more neutral term...

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