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Language acquisition

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Written corrective feedback for L2 development
Our Price: £24.95
Written corrective feedback (CF) is a written response to a linguistic error that has been made in the writing of a text by a second language (L2) lea...
Learning pragmatics from native and nonnative language teachers
Our Price: £34.95
This book deals with intercultural pragmatics and how both nonnative teachers (NNTs) and native teachers (NTs) may enhance their classroom instruction...

The second language learning processes of students with specific learning difficulties
Our Price: £39.99
The Second Language Learning Processes of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties is the only recent book available to offer a detailed and in-de...
Teaching and researching language and culture
Our Price: £32.99
Language and culture are concepts increasingly found at the heart of developments in applied linguistics and related fields. Taken together, they can ...

Coming home
Our Price: £12.99
'Some part of me believed I would become a more complete person if I spoke Irish, more in tune with my roots, my identity, my very being.'? 'I was o...
A guide to doing statistics in second language research using SPSS and R
Our Price: £70.00
A Guide to Doing Statistics in Second Language Research Using SPSS and R, Second Edition is the only text available that demonstrates how to use SPSS...

An introduction to bilingualism
Our Price: £39.99
The study of bilingualism and all of its aspects - from theory and models to social approaches and their practical applications - forms the cornerston...
Fundamentals of translation
Our Price: £23.99
Clear and concise, this textbook provides a non-technical introduction to the basic and central concepts of translation theory and practice, including...

Multilinguals' verbalisation and perception of emotions
Our Price: £34.95
This book investigates the interplay of language, emotion and gender in a multilingual context and provides rich insights into the complexities of bil...
Second language acquisition in action
Our Price: £25.99
Despite the key role played by second language acquisition (SLA) courses in linguistics, teacher education and language teaching degrees, participants...

First language use in second and foreign language learning
Our Price: £24.95
This volume offers fresh perspectives on a controversial issue in applied linguistics and language teaching by focusing on the use of the first langua...
The tongue of Adam
Our Price: £8.99
Drawing from the commentators of the Koran to Walter Benjamin, from the esoteric speculations of Judaism to Herodotus, The Tongue of Adam is a nimble book about the mysterious rise of humankind's multilingualism.

Thought and language
Our Price: £38.00
A new edition of a foundational work of cognitive science that outlines a theory of the development of specifically human higher mental functions.Sinc...
Mastering Arabic through literature
Our Price: £27.50
In an innovative concept in the teaching of Modern Standard Arabic, this new content-based book aims to bolster study for advanced students in both li...

Constructing a language
Our Price: £27.95
In this groundbreaking book, Michael Tomasello presents a comprehensive usage-based theory of language acquisition. Drawing together a vast body of em...
The strategy factor in successful language learning
Our Price: £29.95
This book addresses fundamental questions regarding the relationships between successful language learning and strategy use and development according ...

Our Price: £8.99
Linguistics falls in the gap between arts and science, on the edges of which the most fascinating discoveries and the most important problems are foun...
Third language acquisition in adulthood
Our Price: £76.00
In recent years, researchers have acknowledged that the study of third language acquisition cannot simply be viewed as an extension of the study of bi...

Implicit and Explicit Learning of Languages
Our Price: £30.00
Implicit learning is a fundamental feature of human cognition. Many essential skills, including language comprehension and production, intuitive decis...
Positive psychology in SLA
Our Price: £34.95
Positive psychology is the scientific study of how human beings prosper and thrive. This is the first book in SLA dedicated to theories in positive ps...

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