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The ancient Egyptian language
Our Price: £22.49
This book, the first of its kind, examines how the phonology and grammar of the ancient Egyptian language changed over more than three thousand years ...
Practice tests for IELTS 2
Our Price: £12.59
Prepare yourself for the IELTS exam using Collins Practice Tests for IELTS Book 2By using Practice Tests for IELTS 2, you will: Feel completely confid...

Our Price: £9.99
'Enormously pleasurable, deeply moving. A bid to save our rich hoard of landscape language, and a blow struck for the power of a deep creative relatio...
Writing. Ages 3-5 Workbook
Our Price: £2.69
Level: EYFSSubject: EnglishAn engaging Writing activity book to really help boost your child's progress at every stage of their learning! Fully in lin...

From Proto-Indo-European to Proto-Germanic
Our Price: £63.00
This book describes the earliest reconstructable stages of the prehistory of English, focusing specifically on linguistic structure. It outlines the g...
English grammar essentials for dummies
Our Price: £6.26
The fun and easy way to learn essential grammar rules, common usage errors, and other key concepts in the English languageUnderstanding the rules of E...

Through the language glass
Our Price: £9.99
Guy Deutscher is that rare beast, an academic who talks good sense about linguistics... he argues in a playful and provocative way, that our mother t...
A history of language
Our Price: £9.99
This second edition of Steven Roger Fischer's fascinating book charts the history of communication from a time before human language was conceived of ...

Really learn 100 phrasal verbs
Our Price: £11.25
A self-study book that presents one phrasal verb on one page. Examples and exercises show the most important meanings and the situations in which it is most commonly used.
The secret life of language
Our Price: £11.69
This book looks at how language has evolved around the globe from ancestral proto-languages to our recognisable modern tongues. It demonstrates how la...

May we borrow your language?
Our Price: £7.19
The English language that is spoken by one billion people around the world is a linguistic mongrel, its vocabulary a diverse mix resulting from centur...
The cabinet of linguistic curiosities
Our Price: £13.49
Paul Anthony Jones has unearthed a wealth of strange and forgotten words: illuminating some aspect of the day, or simply telling a cracking good yarn, each reveals a story. Written with a light touch that belies the depth of research it contains, this is both a fascinating compendium of etymology and a captivating historical miscellany.

Sounds appealing
Our Price: £9.99
It's not what you say, it's the way that you say it ... There have long been debates about 'correct' pronunciation in the English language, and Brit...
Language and music as cognitive systems
Our Price: £43.64
The past 15 years have witnessed an increasing interest in the comparative study of language and music as cognitive systems. Language and music are un...

That's not English
Our Price: £8.09
In this brilliant transatlantic survival guide, Erin Moore examines the key differences between the British and the Americans through their language. ...
The story of be
Our Price: £11.69
It's the most simple, unassuming, innocent-looking verb: 'to be'. Yet it is jam-packed with more different meanings, forms, and uses than any other En...

Dictionary of word origins
Our Price: £8.99
Words are the building blocks of language, but their derivations are often stories in themselves. Have you ever wondered why we wear perfume, read mag...
Times tables. Age 7-11 Bumper book
Our Price: £5.99
Level: KS2Subject: MathsAn engaging Times Tables activity book to really help boost your child's progress at every stage of their learning! Including ...

The architecture of language
Our Price: £6.99
In this book, Noam Chomsky reflects on the history of 'generative enterprise' - his approach to the study of languages that revolutionized our understanding of human languages and other cognitive systems.
Language change
Our Price: £25.99
How and why do languages change? Where does the evidence of language change come from? How do languages begin and end? This introduction to language c...

A comparative dictionary of Raute and Rawat
Our Price: £40.95
Raute and Rawat are endangered languages belonging to the Raji-Raute language cluster within the large Sino-Tibetan family of languages spoken across ...
The horse, the wheel, and language
Our Price: £21.60
Roughly half the world's population speaks languages derived from a shared linguistic source known as Proto-Indo-European. But who were the early spea...

All that glisters ...
Our Price: £8.99
Quotations - or snippets from them - are commonly used in everyday speech, most often without the speaker knowing where they came from. From words of ...
Language, Thought, and Other Biological Categories
Our Price: £30.00
Beginning with a general theory of function applied to body organs, behaviors, customs, and both inner and outer representations, Ruth Millikan argues...

Words and the First World War
Our Price: £13.49
An illustrated analytical study, Words and the First World War considers the situation at home, at war, and under categories such as race, gender and...
Our Price: £12.99
Written by David Hornsby, who is a current Linguistics lecturer and researcher at theUniversity of Kent, Linguistics - The Essentials is designed to g...

The horologicon
Our Price: £8.09
FROM THE AUTHOR OF THE SUNDAY TIMES NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER THE ETYMOLOGICON Mark Forsyth presents a delightfully eccentric day in the life of unusual,...
Linguistics and evolution
Our Price: £27.99
Evolutionary linguistics - an approach to language study that takes into account our origins and development as a species - has rapidly developed in r...

Neurobiology of language
Our Price: £148.00
Neurobiology of Language explores the study of language, a field that has seen tremendous progress in the last two decades. Key to this progress is t...
Linguistic interaction in Roman comedy
Our Price: £78.99
This book presents a comprehensive account of features of Latin that emerge from dialogue: commands and requests, command softeners and strengtheners,...

The horologicon
Our Price: £11.69
The Horologicon (or book of hours) gives you the most extraordinary words in the English language, arranged according to the hour of the day when yo...
A dictionary of R.A.F. slang
Our Price: £5.39
For ANYONE WHO IMAGINES THEMSELVES FLYING A SPITFIRE.Drop your visiting cards, put aside your beer-lever, stop being a half-pint hero and discover the...