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A brief history of the verb to be
Our Price: £32.00
A journey through linguistic time and space, from Aristotle through the twentieth century's era of syntax, in search of a dangerous verb and its sig...
The surgeon of Crowthorne
Our Price: £9.99
The making of the Oxford English Dictionary was a monumental 50 year task requiring thousands of volunteers. One of the keenest volunteers was a W C M...

Why only us
Our Price: £12.99
Berwick and Chomsky draw on recent developments in linguistic theory to offer an evolutionary account of language and humans' remarkable, species-spec...
The Cambridge handbook of linguistic typology
Our Price: £125.00
Linguistic typology identifies both how languages vary and what they all have in common. This Handbook provides a state-of-the art survey of the aims ...

The secret life of language
Our Price: £12.99
This book looks at how language has evolved around the globe from ancestral proto-languages to our recognisable modern tongues. It demonstrates how la...
The happiness passport
Our Price: £12.99
In Hayes' book ... she joins the dots between these differing beliefs to help us cultivate a richer shared vocabulary of happiness, and unravels the ...

The minimalist program
Our Price: £28.00
A classic work that situates linguistic theory in the broader cognitive sciences, formulating and developing the minimalist program. In his foundation...
The life of Samuel Johnson
Our Price: £22.00
In Boswell's Life of Samuel Johnson, one of the towering figures of English literature is revealed with unparalleled immediacy and originality, in a b...

Language, consciousness, culture
Our Price: £20.00
An integrative approach to human cognition that encompasses the domains of language, consciousness, action, social cognition, and theory of mind that ...
Bad words and what they tell us
Our Price: £14.99
Once upon a time, the worst words you could utter were short, simple and tended to be four letters in length. Now things are more complicated. To be i...

Using Japanese synonyms
Our Price: £98.99
Being a successful speaker of a given language involves control of the meaning and use of vocabulary items, taking in their lexical content (what phen...
Birdsong, speech, and language
Our Price: £28.00
Prominent scholars consider the cognitive and neural similarities between birdsong and human speech and language.Scholars have long been captivated by...

Lexical priming
Our Price: £33.99
Lexical Priming proposes a radical new theory of the lexicon, which amounts to a completely new theory of language based on how words are used in the ...
Grammatical theory and bilingual codeswitching
Our Price: £15.99
Theoretically significant work on the grammar of codeswitching by the leading researchers in the field.Codeswitching is the alternate use of two or mo...

English nouns
Our Price: £39.99
Using extensive data from the Corpus of Contemporary American English (Davies, 2008), this groundbreaking book shows that the syntactic patterns in wh...
Intonation and prosodic structure
Our Price: £25.99
This book provides a state-of-the-art survey of intonation and prosodic structure. Taking a phonological perspective, it shows how morpho-syntactic co...

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