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The hangover
Our Price: £7.99
THE PERFECT GIFT for anyone who likes a glass of red. And a double gin. And a vodka shot. And a flaming tequila. And a candy floss caipirinha . . . an...
The very embarrassing book of dad jokes
Our Price: £9.99
Why did the banana go to the doctors? Because he wasn't peeling very well! Proving the age-old maxim that 'it's in the way that you tell them', Dads...

The quiet night in
Our Price: £7.99
Got some time on your hands? Then why not make yourself a cup of tea, grab a biscuit and settle down in your favourite armchair to read this unputdown...
The Penguin book of puzzles
Our Price: £12.99
Want to keep your brain active and in trim? Challenge your mind with The Penguin Book of Puzzles . . .From the riddles of the ancients to puzzles that...

The farming joke book
Our Price: £7.95
The Farming Joke Book brings together around 500 jokes, amusing stories, and anecdotes about farmers, farm animals, and life on the farm in general. S...
The new you
Our Price: £7.99
The essential guide for those looking to reinvent themselves starting next week, next month or next year . . .Stella spent £190 on make-up designed to...

Big book of stupid jokes
Our Price: £8.99
This collection of over 2,500 hilariously funny and wickedly naughty jokes contains the most brainless, ridiculous, nutty and wacky wisecracks ever in...
Sh!t Jokes 2016
Our Price: £0.00

The Escape Book 2
Our Price: £9.99
Will you get to the Orwellians before the Wanstein Club get to you? The clock is ticking...Based on the global phenomenon of Escape Rooms, and follow...
All I got for Christmas was this lousy joke book
Our Price: £7.99
When you're feeling disappointed or just a little blue, there's nothing like good a laugh at some groanworthy jokes to raise the spirits - and that's ...

I'm just no good at rhyming and other nonsense for mischievous kids and immature grown-ups
Our Price: £14.99
'Highly recommended. I think it will make children wriggle with delight.' - Stephen Fry.If I ever find myself holding a gecko . . .I'll lecko.Forget w...
The riddle in the tale
Our Price: £9.99
We have been fascinated by riddles for as long as we have had language - think of the legend of the sphinx in Greek mythology. This wonderful book in...

Joker face
Our Price: £12.99
Stewart Lee has seen a ghost but doesn't believe in the afterlife. Rob Beckett can peel a banana with his feet. Viv Groskop gave birth to a baby next ...
Dad jokes too
Our Price: £9.99
Dad jokes are back by popular demand, and they are better (or worse) than ever!Help Dad expand his joke repertoire with more than 800 eye-rollers, cri...

The biggest ever Tim Vine joke book
Our Price: £9.99
The irrepressible, hysterical, puntastical Tim Vine, star of stage and screen, treats all of us here in his first joke book. Packed full of zingers an...
Dick v Dom - the joke battle
Our Price: £5.99
What did the tuna family say when a submarine went by? 'Oh, look, a tin full of people!'What do you do if you're too hot at a football match? Sit next...

Emoji puzzles
Our Price: £9.99
Emojis have captured our hearts, just as we have acquired theirs at the end of many of our texts and emails. These little colourful characters and ico...
Penguin pocket jokes
Our Price: £5.99
Have you heard the one about the man who walked into a bar? (Ouch!)... Penguin Pocket Jokes is essential (and hilarious) reading for anyone searching ...

Dad jokes
Our Price: £6.99
When it comes to bad jokes, there's snowman like dad. Brace your elves for a winter punderland of the best dad jokes to make anyone sigh, groan, or roll their eyes! Filled with over 300 of the raddest and the daddest puns, quips, and cheesy one-liners, 'Dad Jokes' is the perfect way to sleigh this holiday season!
Dublin wit
Our Price: £8.50
A hilarious collection of rich Dublin wit, including jokes, quotations, graffiti, malapropisms, sayings, and anecdotes from internationally famous Dub...

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