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Our Price: £13.49
One team wins. One team loses. But everybody pays - Spinning directly out of the stunning conclusion of AVX, the future course of the Marvel Universe ...
Justice League International
Our Price: £14.39
Written by Keith Giffen & J.M. DeMatteis Art by Kevin Maguire, Terry Austin & Al Gordon Cover by Kevin Maguire & Terry Austin Collecting t...

Lumberjanes to the max. Vol. 4
Our Price: £26.99
Volume 4 of the deluxe hardcover edition of Lumberjanes! Loving Lumberjanes to the max?! Then don't miss out on their continued adventures in the late...
Tank Girl
Our Price: £9.89
She's back to wreck her own unique brand of havoc! From the depths of the outback she charges, astride her fabulous tank! Run for the Hills! It's... T...

Loveless. Vol. 9
Our Price: £6.99
When his beloved older brother is brutally murdered, Ritsuka is heartbroken but determined to search for answers. His only lead is Soubi, a mysterious...
Once upon a time machine. Volume 2
Our Price: £13.49
Step inside a time machine built by a collection of today's finest storytellers and enter a range of futures where familiar tales are re-imagined in a...

Jughead's time police
Our Price: £8.99
Jughead has been drafted into a time-travelling police force, tasked with keeping history from going haywire. Is Jughead the right kid for the job? Co...
Bizarro reborn
Our Price: £14.99
The Dark Trinity--Red Hood, Artemis and Bizarro--continue their rampage through the DC Universe in RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS VOL. 3! Bizarro's final da...

The problem of Susan and other stories
Our Price: £13.49
From Sunday Times-bestselling author Neil Gaiman and Eisner Award-winning artist P. Craig Russell, Scott Hampton, and Paul Chadwick comes a fantasy gr...
The drunken sailor
Our Price: £18.00
The Drunken Sailor traces the life of Arthur Rimbaud: poet, surrealist, libertine and gun runner. In dazzling artwork, Nick Hayes follows Rimbaud from...

Battlestar Galactica. Six
Our Price: £16.19
A pivotal chapter in the history of Battlestar Galactica, the reimagined series... set before the destruction of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol! In deve...
Tokyo ghoul, re. Vol. 4
Our Price: £8.09
In the world of Tokyo Ghoul, sometimes the only way to fight monsters is to become one. The Commission of Counter Ghoul is the only organization fight...

Infinity Gauntlet
Our Price: £18.89
It's the Avengers, the New Warriors, the X-Men and more against the omnipotent Eternal, Thanos! The Mad Titan has become the most powerful being in th...
Aho-girl 7
Our Price: £9.89
Yoshiko is a hopefully clueless high school girl. Her rock-paper-scissors strategy is rock. She somehow gets zeroes on multiple-choice tests. And she ...

Our Price: £22.50
'Spiegelman has turned the exuberant fantasy of comics inside out by giving us the most incredible fantasy in comics' history: something that actually...
Ian Fleming's James Bond 007 in
Our Price: £22.99
When a counterespionage operation in Rotterdam goes catastrophically wrong, James Bond finds himself in the crosshairs of a plot to smash NATO. Someon...

The Discworld graphic novels
Our Price: £16.99
Imagine a flat world, sitting on the backs of four elephants, who hurtle through space balanced on a giant turtle. The Discworld is a place (and a tim...
Black clover. Volume 11
Our Price: £6.99
In a world of magic, Asta, a boy with anti-magic powers, will do whatever it takes to become the Wizard King! Asta is a young boy who dreams of becomi...

I don't like you at all, big brother. Vol. 11-12
Our Price: £13.49
High school junior Takanashi Nao has a problem: she has a crush on her dreamy older brother, Shuusuke. When Nao discovers that she was adopted as a child and they're not related by blood, it seems like the coast is clear - but Shuusuke just doesn't see it that way. To make matters worse, Nao finds herself in direct competition against Shuusuke's ho
Wotakoi 2
Our Price: £13.49
Narumi and Hirotaka are, by all appearances, a power couple. They're young, good-looking professionals. But they have secrets from everyone but each o...