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Waiting for the last bus
Our Price: £13.49
Where do we go when we die? Or is there nowhere to go? Is death something we can do or is it just something that happens to us?Now in his ninth decade...
Waiting for the last bus
Our Price: £9.99
Now in his ninth decade, former Bishop of Edinburgh Richard Holloway has spent a lifetime at the bedsides of the dying, guiding countless men and wome...

The St Patrick's treasury
Our Price: £11.69
St Patrick is Ireland's best-known and best-loved saint. His life and legacy is deeply ingrained in Irish history and society, as the annual 17 March ...
Things that make for peace
Our Price: £11.69
Drawing on the experiences and lessons of over forty years working on the frontline of reconciliation and peace building, in Northern Ireland, Latin A...

They called us love
Our Price: £8.99
April Holden was told Africa would lead to her death. She went anyway. Despite chronic health problems, she was accepted by a mission, which sent her ...
Primo Levi
Our Price: £17.09
In 1943, twenty-four-year-old Primo Levi had just begun a career in chemistry when, after joining a partisan group, he was captured by the Italian Fas...

America's pastor
Our Price: £20.66
During a career spanning sixty years, the Reverend Billy Graham's resonant voice and chiseled profile entered the living rooms of millions of American...
Rudolf Steiner
Our Price: £13.49
Rudolf Steiner -- educator, architect, artist, philosopher and agriculturalist -- ranks amongst the most creative and prolific figures of the early tw...

The life of the Buddha
Our Price: £13.05
Composed entirely of texts from the Pali canon, this unique biography presents the oldest authentic record of the Buddha's life and revolutionary phil...
Everything happens for a reason and other lies I've loved
Our Price: £11.69
London-born Kate Bowler, a thirty-five year-old professor at the school of divinity at Duke, hadfinally had a baby with her childhood sweetheart when ...

Baptism of fire
Our Price: £10.79
A unique personal survival account of the Piper Alpha disaster, seen from inside the Control Room. The 30th anniversay of the disaster will be on 6th...
A nun's story
Our Price: £7.19
Shirley Leach lived in a world of extreme comfort, wealth, and status. With every good thing life had to offer, she was due to marry the man she loved...

My Country Wept
Our Price: £8.99
Joan of Arc
Our Price: £10.99
The story of one of the most remarkable women of the medieval world, as you have never read it beforeA French peasant girl who heard voices from God, ...

To change the church
Our Price: £16.99
A New York Times columnist and one of America's leading conservative thinkers considers Pope Francis's efforts to change the church he governs.Born Jo...
Bishop Gwynne
Our Price: £26.96
The celebrated General Sir Herbert Plumer once referred to BEF Deputy Chaplain General Llewellyn Henry Gwynne (1863-1957) as the man who did most to ...

Accidental friends
Our Price: £11.69
As L'Arche Daybreak and L'Arche Canada approach their 50th anniversary, this beautifully-written memoir tells the inside story of daily life with peop...
The pope
Our Price: £8.99
On 28 February 2013, a 600-year-old tradition was shattered: the conservative Pope Benedict XVI made a startling announcement. He would resign. Reelin...

Still Emily
Our Price: £8.99
Emily Owen was a highly intelligent teenager who was also athletic and a skilled musician. Tragically, in her late teens she was diagnosed as sufferin...
The path to change
Our Price: £18.00
Pope Francis has thoroughly re-engaged the Catholic Church with the modern world, by tackling the difficult and urgent questions that we face as a civ...

The Many Captivities of Esther Wheelwright
Our Price: £20.25
An eye-opening biography of a woman at the intersection of three distinct cultures in colonial America Born and raised in a New England garrison town,...
An English spring
Our Price: £18.00
When John Henry Newman spoke of his hopes for the renewal of the Church, he imagined not only sunshine and the blossoming of new life, but icy winds a...

The life of Saint Symeon the New Theologian
Our Price: £25.16
Today the Byzantine mystic, writer, and monastic leader Symeon the New Theologian (ca. 949 to 1022 ce) is considered a saint by the Orthodox Church an...
The visitor
Our Price: £28.76
In an age when few people ventured beyond their place of birth, André Palmeiro left Portugal on a journey to the far side of the world. Bearing the ti...

Brigham Young, pioneer prophet
Our Price: £15.26
Brigham Young was a rough-hewn craftsman from New York whose impoverished and obscure life was electrified by the Mormon faith. He trudged around the ...
Josiah's fire
Our Price: £8.99
First-time parents Joe and Tahni Cullen were thrust into the confusing world of autism when their toddler, Josiah, suddenly lost his ability to speak, play, and socialize. The diagnosis - autism spectrum disorder. In their attempts to see Josiah recover and regain speech, the Cullens underwent overwhelming physical, emotional, and financial struggl

Bringing in the sheaves
Our Price: £8.09
After a life of sex, drugs and the Communards, recounted in his acclaimed memoir Fathomless Riches, the Reverend Richard Coles devoted himself to God ...
Refugee Stories
Our Price: £8.99
Eight first-hand accounts by individuals who were forced to flee their own countries and seek refuge in the UK. These refugees tell their stories from birth to persecution, from escape to seeking asylum, and from rejection to welcome. What kind of reception do their contemporaries receive in modern Britain and what should the church be doing?

Franz Rosenzweig
Our Price: £16.20
A reprint of the Schocken Books edition of 1961.
Our Price: £8.99
One of the most influential philosophers and theologians in the history of Western thought, St Thomas Aquinas established the foundations for much of ...

The road to Jonestown
Our Price: £18.00
In the 1950s, a young Indianapolis minister named Jim Jones preached a curious blend of the gospel and Marxism. His congregation was racially integrat...
The faith of Donald J. Trump
Our Price: £18.00
Donald J. Trump was raised as a Presbyterian and has praised both Christianity and the primacy of the Bible. In the Oval Office, he has surrounded him...

Jean Gerson and the last Medieval Reformation
Our Price: £30.56
In this biography of the noted French philosopher and theologian Jean Gerson, the first since 1929, Brian Patrick McGuire presents a compelling portra...
Hildegard of Bingen
Our Price: £14.99
Best known today as a fine composer, the twelfth-century German abbess Hildegard of Bingen was also a religious leader and visionary, a poet, naturali...

Sarah Schenirer and the Bais Yaakov movement
Our Price: £26.96
Sarah Schenirer is one of the unsung heroes of twentieth-century Orthodox Judaism. The Bais Yaakov schools she founded in interwar Poland had an unpar...
In the days of rain
Our Price: £15.29
WINNER OF THE 2017 COSTA BIOGRAPHY AWARDIn the vein of Bad Blood and Why be Happy when you can be Normal?: an enthralling, at times shocking, and deep...

Our Price: £9.89
In Pure, Linda Kay Klein uses a potent combination of journalism, cultural commentary, and memoir to take us inside religious purity culture as only ...
The rock, the road, and the rabbi
Our Price: £17.09
An instant New York Times bestseller! As a lifelong student of Scripture, Kathie Lee Gifford has always desired a deeper understanding of God's Word a...

Eternity's sunrise
Our Price: £11.69
In this richly illustrated portrait, a prize-winning biographer surveys the entire sweep of William Blake's creative work while telling the story of h...
Our Price: £8.09
The son of a pagan father and a Christian mother, Saint Augustine spent his early years torn between conflicting faiths and world views. His Confessio...

Night's bright darkness
Our Price: £16.16
A beautifully written story about a British poet's conversion from staunch atheism to devout Catholicism, all in the space of nine electric months. In...
Last testament
Our Price: £11.69
Pope Benedict XVI, the only modern-day Pope to retire whilst in office, now finally breaks his silence. Since retiring from the papacy in 2013, the f...

A second chance at heaven
Our Price: £9.89
As her body lay dying, her spirit began to travelA Second Chance at Heaven is an unforgettable account of one young woman's encounter with the Lord of...
Love is an inside job
Our Price: £11.69
Public relations expert and business consultant, ROMAL TUNE, provides insights on how authenticity with God will help you heal your past, love yoursel...

A Biblical Theology of Women
Our Price: £117.00
M. Sydney Park examines the key female figures in both the Old and the New Testaments, providing a key contribution to our understanding of the role...
The Demonologist
Our Price: £14.99
Ed and Lorraine Warren are considered America's foremost experts on demonology and exorcism. With thousands of investigations to their credit, they re...

Aisha al-ba'uniyya
Our Price: £22.50
Aisha al-Ba'uniyya (c.1456-1517) was one of the greatest women mystics in Islamic history. A Sufi master and an Arab poet, her religious writings were...
The reason
Our Price: £8.99
The day Lacey Sturm planned to kill herself was the day her grandmother forced her to go to church, a place Lacey thought was filled with hypocrites, ...

Our Price: £7.19
In this new translation the brilliant and impassioned descriptions of Augustine's colourful early life are conveyed to the English reader with accurac...
Our Price: £9.00
One of a major new Classics series - books that have changed the history of thought, in sumptuous, clothbound hardbacks.The son of a pagan father and ...