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Later chapters
Our Price: £12.59
In this anthology of diverse monologues and scenes, mature actors will find material by a wide-range of playwrights and their best work. Marriage, sex...
You think it, I'll say it
Our Price: £15.29
SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2018 SUNDAY TIMES EFG SHORT STORY AWARD: 'Do-Over', one of the stories in this dazzling, smart and razor-sharp first collection by...

The good immigrant
Our Price: £8.09
How does it feel to be constantly regarded as a potential threat, strip-searched at every airport?Or be told that, as an actress, the part you're most...
Magical stories for 5 year olds
Our Price: £5.99
Magical Stories for 5 Year Olds is a bright and varied selection of marvellously magical stories by some of the very best writers for children. Perfec...

Occasional magic
Our Price: £11.69
Before television and radio, people would gather on porches or on the steps outside their homes and tell stories. Their bewitched listeners would sit and listen long into the night as moths flitted around overhead. Storytelling phenomenon The Moth recaptures this lost art each week in cities across America, Britain, Australia, and beyond, playing t
Berlin noir
Our Price: £15.29
Discover the original Bernie Gunther stories that make up the late Philip Kerr's Berlin Noir: the tale of an ex-cop turned private investigator uncove...

Poems and readings for weddings
Our Price: £8.09
As recent reports suggest, many fewer weddings are now taking place in church. For those that are not having the traditional wedding service, it can b...
Letters of note
Our Price: £18.00
Letters of Note is a collection of over one hundred of the world's most entertaining, inspiring and unusual letters, based on the seismically popular ...

24 panels
Our Price: £13.49
In June 2017, the Grenfell fire killed 72 people in a 24-story tower block in West London. 24 PANELS is an anthology comic to support the PTSD needs o...
The best of Wodehouse
Our Price: £14.39
P.G. Wodehouse was, by common consent, the most brilliant writer of English comedy in the 20th century, equally celebrated on both sides of the Atlant...

Horse stories
Our Price: £11.69
Horse Stories corrals two centuries of short fiction about the most majestic of domesticated animals. From writers old and new come stories of magnifi...
The writers' war
Our Price: £8.99
The Writers' War is a collection of excerpts from outstanding accounts of the First World War, a terrifying conflict that would otherwise be beyond ou...

Can you hear me?
Our Price: £8.09
'A novel of crime and darkness that eschews straightforward domestic noir' Guardian'Move over Ferrante, there's a new Elena in town' Independent'There...
In his own write
Our Price: £11.69
Introduced by Paul McCartneyABOUT THE AWFULI was bored on the 9th of Octover 1940 when, I believe, the Nasties were still booming us led by Madalf Hea...

Dead simple
Our Price: £2.99
A woman reports a crime to the police, with unexpected resultsThe grieving widow who finds that she's about to lose more than just her husband When a...
Moscow tales
Our Price: £9.89
Presenting stories which represent each layer of the city of Moscow, from the centre of power to the outer rings of desolate estates and tumbledown sh...

The theory of the leisure class
Our Price: £3.99
Classic of economic and social theory offers a satiric examination of the hollowness and falsity suggested by the term conspicuous consumption, expo...
Repeal the 8th
Our Price: £8.99
Abortion is illegal in almost every circumstance in Ireland, making it the only democracy in the western world to have such a constitutional ban.Betwe...

Did anyone else see that coming...?
Our Price: £8.99
New in the best-selling series of Unpublished Letters, this is a year in review made up of the wry and astute observations of the unpublished Telegrap...
Eirik the Red and other Icelandic sagas
Our Price: £7.19
The remote and inhospitable landscape of Iceland made it a perfect breeding-ground for heroes. The first Norsemen to colonize it in 860 found that th...