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Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick's The epistemology of the closet
Our Price: £6.50
In this book, Sedgwick examines texts from Europe and America such as Wilde, Nietzsche and Proust and considers the historical moment when sexual orie...
Martin Buber's I and thou
Our Price: £6.50
Martin Buber's I and Thou argues that humans engage with the world in two ways. One is with the attitude of an 'I' towards an 'It', where the self sta...

So much longing in so little space
Our Price: £15.29
In So Much Longing in So Little Space, Karl Ove Knausgaard explores the life and work of Edvard Munch. Setting out to understand the enduring power of...
How to Read a Book
Our Price: £9.89
With half a million copies in print, How to Read a Book is the best and most successful guide to reading comprehension for the general reader, complet...

Create dangerously
Our Price: £1.00
'To create today is to create dangerously'Camus argues passionately that the artist has a responsibility to challenge, provoke and speak up for those ...
Our Price: £9.89
Writers and artists across the centuries, from Chaucer to Ian McEwan, and from the creator of the Luttrell Psalter in the 14th century to John Piper i...

Theorists of the modernist novel
Our Price: £15.29
Tracing the developing modernist aesthetic in the thought and writings of James Joyce, Dorothy Richardson and Virginia Woolf, Deborah Parsons consider...
Plebeian Prose
Our Price: £15.29
The Argentinian-Brazilian anthropologist, sociologist and poet explores the politics of desire, identity, violence and dissidence in relation to Latin American culture and politics.

Bodies that matter
Our Price: £17.99
In Bodies That Matter, renowned theorist and philosopher Judith Butler argues that theories of gender need to return to the most material dimension of...
Freud's Jaw and Other Lost Objects
Our Price: £21.59
What does it mean to live with life-threatening illness? How does one respond to loss? Freud's Jaw and Other Lost Objects attempts to answer these que...

Our Price: £22.49
Modernism is the movement which attempts to redefine the relationship between art and life, seeking to establish a mode of thought to account for new ...
Our Price: £18.00
From Shakespeare and Jane Austen to Gabriel García Márquez and Toni Morrison, delve into more than 100 biographies of the world's greatest writers. ...

The hidden adult
Our Price: £26.55
What exactly is a children's book? How is children's literature defined as a genre? A leading scholar presents close readings of six classic stories t...
Must we mean what we say?
Our Price: £13.49
In this classic collection of wide-ranging and interdisciplinary essays, Stanley Cavell explores a remarkably broad range of philosophical issues from...

Key concepts in the gothic
Our Price: £13.49
An essential quick-reference book for students of Gothic literature, theatre and literary theory Key Concepts in the Gothic provides a one-stop resour...
Literary theory
Our Price: £7.19
What is literary theory? Is there a relationship between literature and culture? In fact, what is literature, and does it matter? These are some of ...

Memory unbound
Our Price: £21.60
Though still a relatively young field, memory studies has undergone significant transformations since it first coalesced as an area of inquiry. Incr...
Our Price: £15.29
This volume provides a broad analysis of the term 'discourse' and a thorough examination of the many theoretical assumptions surrounding it. In the re...

The postmodern condition
Our Price: £13.49
Many definitions of postmodernism focus on its nature as the aftermath of the modern industrial age when technology developed. This book extends that ...
Literary criticism in the 21st century
Our Price: £21.59
For more than a decade literary criticism has been thought to be in a post-theory age. Despite this, the work of thinkers such as Derrida, Deleuze and...