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Between Quran and Kafka
Our Price: £17.09
What connects Shiite passion plays with Brechts drama? Which of Goethes poems were inspired by the Quran? How can Ibn Arabis theology of sighs explain...
The afterlives of Roland Barthes
Our Price: £26.09
Roland Barthes - the author of such enduringly influential works as Mythologies and Camera Lucida - was one of the most important cultural critics of...

How to Read a Book
Our Price: £10.99
With half a million copies in print, How to Read a Book is the best and most successful guide to reading comprehension for the general reader, complet...
Create dangerously
Our Price: £1.00
'To create today is to create dangerously'Camus argues passionately that the artist has a responsibility to challenge, provoke and speak up for those ...

Our Price: £9.89
Writers and artists across the centuries, from Chaucer to Ian McEwan, and from the creator of the Luttrell Psalter in the 14th century to John Piper i...
Theorists of the modernist novel
Our Price: £15.29
Tracing the developing modernist aesthetic in the thought and writings of James Joyce, Dorothy Richardson and Virginia Woolf, Deborah Parsons consider...

The Shakespearean forest
Our Price: £71.09
The Shakespearean Forest, Anne Barton's final book, uncovers the pervasive presence of woodland in early modern drama, revealing its persistent imagin...
Bodies that matter
Our Price: £19.99
In Bodies That Matter, renowned theorist and philosopher Judith Butler argues that theories of gender need to return to the most material dimension of...

The Cambridge companion to literature and science
Our Price: £24.99
In 1959, C. P. Snow lamented the presence of what he called the 'two cultures': the apparently unbridgeable chasm of understanding and knowledge betwe...
Freud's Jaw and Other Lost Objects
Our Price: £21.59
What does it mean to live with life-threatening illness? How does one respond to loss? Freud's Jaw and Other Lost Objects attempts to answer these que...

The society of the spectacle
Our Price: £16.99
Since its publication amid the social upheavels of the 1960s, the theses of this book have influenced debates on the shape of modernity, capitalism and life in the late 20th century. This text explores contemporary effects of power.
Our Price: £22.49
Modernism is the movement which attempts to redefine the relationship between art and life, seeking to establish a mode of thought to account for new ...

The green studies reader
Our Price: £32.99
Green Studies is a booming area for study and The Green Studies Reader is a fantastically comprehensive selection of critical texts which address the ...
Our Price: £16.99
What is implied when we refer to the study of performing arts as 'drama', 'theatre' or 'performance'? Each term identifies a different tradition of th...

Children's fantasy literature
Our Price: £17.99
Fantasy has been an important and much-loved part of children's literature for hundreds of years, yet relatively little has been written about it. Chi...
Beckett's art of salvage
Our Price: £75.00
This innovative exploration of the recurring use of particular objects in Samuel Beckett's work is the first study of the material imagination of any ...

The hidden adult
Our Price: £26.55
What exactly is a children's book? How is children's literature defined as a genre? A leading scholar presents close readings of six classic stories t...
Literature in a digital age
Our Price: £19.99
Literature in a Digital Age: An Introduction guides readers through the most salient theoretical, interpretive, and creative possibilities opened up b...

Key concepts in the gothic
Our Price: £14.99
An essential quick-reference book for students of Gothic literature, theatre and literary theory Key Concepts in the Gothic provides a one-stop resour...
Literary theory
Our Price: £7.99
What is literary theory? Is there a relationship between literature and culture? In fact, what is literature, and does it matter? These are some of ...