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Under enemy colours
Our Price: £8.09
1793: the thunder of cannon fire echoes across the English Channel, chilling the stoutest hearts . . .The opening skirmishes of the French Revolutiona...
Sharpe's Rifles
Our Price: £9.99
Lieutenant Richard Sharpe and a detachment of riflemen join the assault of a strong French force holding the Holy City of Santiago de Compostela.Lieut...

Young bloods
Our Price: £8.99
YOUNG BLOODS is the first gripping novel in Simon Scarrow's bestselling Wellington and Napoleon quartet. Perfect for fans of Robert Harris.Arthur Wesl...
Hornblower in the West Indies
Our Price: £8.09
1815, the Napoleonic Wars are over. Yet peace continues to elude Horatio Hornblower overseas . . . As an admiral struggling to impose order in the cha...

Sharpe's gold
Our Price: £8.09
Captain Sharpe's task is to recover from a feared guerilla leader the gold Wellington so desperately needs.The enemy he faces strikes terror into the ...
Sharpe's battle
Our Price: £8.09
Richard Sharpe is fighting for his Irish battalion and his own honour through the blood-stained streets of the town.Quartered in a crumbling Portugues...

The fields of death
Our Price: £8.99
THE FIELDS OF DEATH is the epic final novel in Simon Scarrow's bestselling Wellington and Napoleon Quartet. Essential reading for fans of Bernard Corn...
Sharpe's devil
Our Price: £8.09
Richard Sharpe, asked to help an old friend, meets, at last, the greatest enemy.Five years after the Battle of Waterloo, Sharpe's peaceful retirement ...

Sharpe's enemy
Our Price: £8.09
Major Sharpe, in the bitter winter, must attempt a desperate rescue and face his most implacable enemy.Newly promoted, he is given the task of rescuin...
Sharpe's honour
Our Price: £8.99
Major Sharpe finds himself a fugitive, hunted by enemy and ally alike.Major Richard Sharpe awaits the opening shots of the army's campaign with grim e...

Sharpe's tiger
Our Price: £8.99
Richard Sharpe avoids the tyrannical Sergeant Obadiah Hakeswill and endeavours to rescue a British officer from under the nose of the Tippoo of Mysore...
The generals
Our Price: £8.09
THE GENERALS is the compelling second novel in Simon Scarrow's bestselling Wellington and Napoleon quartet. A must read for fans of Bernard Cornwell.I...

With all despatch
Our Price: £9.99
A troubled peace with France means that in the harbours and estuaries around England, the royal fleet has been left to rot. Even a frigate captain as ...
Sharpe's sword
Our Price: £8.09
Richard Sharpe, who alone can recognise the top French spy, is under orders to capture him alive.Richard Sharpe is once again at war. But this time hi...

Sharpe's regiment
Our Price: £8.09
Richard Sharpe returns to England to save the regiment.Major Sharpe's men are in mortal danger - not from the French, but from the bureaucrats of Whit...
Sharpe's revenge
Our Price: £8.09
Richard Sharpe triumphs in the last battle of the war, only to find himself in worse peril when charged to recover Napoleon's treasure.It is 1814. The...

Our Price: £8.99
Commander Thomas Kydd and his ship joined Admiral Nelson's command just before the greatest sea encounter of all time: the Battle of Trafalgar. This heart-lurching adventure blends fact and fiction by closely following historical records, taking us into the heart of the world-defining events of 1805.
Sharpe's escape
Our Price: £8.09
Richard Sharpe, with enemies on every side, survives Marshall Massena's attack and ends at the lines of Torres Vedras.Sharpe's job as Captain of the L...

Hornblower and the 'Hotspur'
Our Price: £8.09
The Third Horatio Hornblower Tale of the SeaApril 1803, and the Peace of Amiens is failing as Horatio Hornblower takes a sloop on a vital reconnaissan...
The young Hornblower
Our Price: £13.49
Introducing the most gallant and redoubtable figure in naval history - Horatio Hornblower. The seventeen year old Hornblower became infamous as soon a...