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Social research methods
Our Price: £39.99
This best-selling introduction to research methods provides students and researchers with unrivalled coverage of both quantitative and qualitative met...
Machine learners
Our Price: £28.80
Machine learning - programming computers to learn from data - has spread across scientific disciplines, media, entertainment, and government. Medical research, autonomous vehicles, credit transaction processing, computer gaming, recommendation systems, finance, surveillance, and robotics use machine learning. Machine learning devices (sometimes und

History of information graphics
Our Price: £50.00
In the age of big data and digital distribution, when news travel ever further and faster and media outlets compete for a fleeting slice of online att...
The Edinburgh companion to contemporary narrative theories
Our Price: £135.00
A collection of original essays establishing how wide the intellectual boundaries of narrative theory have become The Edinburgh Companion to Contempor...

Philosophy and simulation
Our Price: £14.39
In this groundbreaking book, Manuel Delanda analyzes all the different genres of simulation (from cellular automata and generic algorithms to neural n...
Visual aid
Our Price: £9.95
With NEW & updated stuff! This updated version of Visual Aid provides the answers to the little questions in life in a simple colourful and eng...

Doing research
Our Price: £6.99
This concise and easy-to-use guide provides students with the skills needed for planning and doing research well, whatever their course of study. Shor...
Our Price: £5.99
Found in the Codex Atlanticus of Leonardo da Vinci's writings and drawings, 'The Prophecies' are a collection of enigmatic divinatory pronouncements, ...

Our Price: £18.00
The role that 'system' has played in the shaping and reshaping of modern knowledge, from Galileo and Newton to our own 'computational universe.'
Iterative solution of symmetric quasi-definite linear systems
Our Price: £35.96
Numerous applications, including computational optimization and fluid dynamics, give rise to block linear systems of equations said to have the quasi-...

Multilevel analysis for applied research
Our Price: £36.89
This book provides a uniquely accessible introduction to multilevel modeling, a powerful tool for analyzing relationships between an individual-l...
Data-driven computational methods
Our Price: £44.99
Modern scientific computational methods are undergoing a transformative change; big data and statistical learning methods now have the potential to ou...

Practical Tableau
Our Price: £32.39
Whether you have some experience with Tableau software or are just getting started, this manual goes beyond the basics to help you build compelling, i...
Our Price: £24.30
A scientific explanation of the relationship between animal thought processes and learning devices.