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Routledge handbook of Chinese security
Our Price: £50.99
Located in the center of Asia with one of the largest land frontiers in the world and 14 neighbors whose dispositions could not easily be predicted, C...
A kingdom in crisis
Our Price: £12.99
'Perhaps the best introduction yet to the roots of Thailand's present political impasse. A brilliant book.'Simon Long, The EconomistStruggling to emer...

Our Price: £33.99
Chinese is spoken by more people than any other language in the world, and has a rich social, cultural and historical background. This book is a compr...
Modern Greece
Our Price: £10.99
Just a few years ago, Greece appeared to be a politically secure nation with a healthy economy. Today, Greece can be found at the center of the econom...

Everyday Stalinism
Our Price: £14.99
Here is a pioneeering account of everyday life under Stalin, written by one of our foremost authorities on modern Russain history. Focusing on urban a...
European politics
Our Price: £39.99
This textbook blends an analysis of individual nation states with an examination of the critical issues that confront them all, and which are addresse...

Asian waters
Our Price: £20.00
Few territories are as hotly contested as the western Pacific Ocean. Across the 1.5 million square mile expanse of the East and South China Sea, six c...
New directions in Africa-China studies
Our Price: £34.99
Interest in China and Africa is growing exponentially. Taking a step back from the
'events-driven' reactions characterizing much coverage, this time...

Our Price: £14.99
In less than two decades, Dubai has transformed itself from an obscure Gulf emirate into a global center for business, tourism, and luxury living. It ...
Russian roulette
Our Price: £13.99
RUSSIAN ROULETTE is a story of political skullduggery unprecedented in American history. It weaves together tales of international intrigue, cyber esp...

Cultural reverse II. The multidimensional motivation and social impact of intergenerational revolution
Our Price: £120.00
The book proposes a new academic concept, Cultural Reverse (文化反哺), referring to the phenomeno beginning in China in the 1980s in which th...
Cultural reverse I
Our Price: £120.00
The phenomenon of Cultural Reverse (文化反哺) emerged in the 1980s after China's reform and opening up. In this era of rapid social change, the ...

The Kenyan TJRC
Our Price: £71.99
Between 1963 and 2008 Kenya experienced systematic atrocities, economic crimes, ethnic violence, and the illegal taking of land. To come to terms with...
Seeing the world
Our Price: £30.00
An in-depth look at why American universities continue to favor U.S.-focused social science research despite efforts to make scholarship more cosmopol...

The right stuff
Our Price: £10.99
A wildly vivid and entertaining chronicle of America's manned space program, from the author of The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test'What is it' asks Tom W...
Putin's Wars
Our Price: £24.95
This fully updated book offers the first systematic analysis of Putin's three wars, placing the Second Chechen War, the war with Georgia of 2008, and ...

Crossroads of war
Our Price: £28.95
From the Bronze Age to the twenty-first century, vying armies have clashed over the territory stretching from the Upper Nile to modern-day Iraq and Ir...
Roots of Russia's war in Ukraine
Our Price: £20.00
In February 2014, Russia initiated a war in Ukraine, its reasons for aggression unclear. Each of this volume's authors offers a distinct interpretatio...

African history
Our Price: £8.99
Essential reading for anyone interested in the African continent and the diversity of human history, this Very Short Introduction looks at Africa's pa...
The WikiLeaks files
Our Price: £20.00
Published in collaboration with WikiLeaks: What Cablegate tells us about US foreign policyWhen WikiLeaks first came to prominence in 2010 by releasing...

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