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Edge of chaos
Our Price: £20.00
Why our democracies need urgent reform, before it's too lateA generation after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the world is once again on the edge of cha...
Worth dying for
Our Price: £9.99
An enlightening popular account of the symbolism that drives global conflict

Sri Lanka
Our Price: £25.00
Even though Sri Lanka's protracted civil war came to a bloody conclusion in May 2009, prospects for a sustainable peace remain uncertain. The Sri Lank...
The League of Nations
Our Price: £11.99
Ninety years ago, the League of Nations convened for the first time, hoping to create a safeguard against destructive, world-wide war by settling disp...

China's Asian dream
Our Price: £13.49
China , Napoleon once remarked, is a sleeping lion. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will shake the world. In 2014, President Xi Jinping trium...
Things that make for peace
Our Price: £11.69
Drawing on the experiences and lessons of over forty years working on the frontline of reconciliation and peace building, in Northern Ireland, Latin A...

Conflict communication
Our Price: £12.99
FINALIST - SOCIAL CHANGE - ForeWord Reviews Indie Fab Award 2016 FINALIST - SOCIAL CHANGE - USA Best Books Award 2015 Your reactions to conflict are s...
Rethinking violence
Our Price: £24.00
Although major wars between sovereign states have become rare, contemporary world politics has been rife with internal conflict, ethnic cleansing, and violence against civilians. This book asks how, why, and when states and non-state actors use violence against one another.

Irish/ness is all around us
Our Price: £21.60
Focusing on Irish speakers in Catholic West Belfast, this ethnography on Irish language and identity explores the complexities of changing, and cont...
Everyone loses
Our Price: £14.39
Disorder erupted in Ukraine in 2014, involving the overthrow of a sitting government, the Russian annexation of the Crimean peninsula, and a violent i...

Hamas and civil society in Gaza
Our Price: £18.90
Many in the United States and Israel believe that Hamas is nothing but a terrorist organization, and that its social sector serves merely to recruit n...
Security 2.0
Our Price: £22.46
Today, international security issues are slowly being reconsidered through the lens of human security, which refers to a combination of political, eco...

The Bramall papers
Our Price: £27.00
Over the course of his 75 year career Field Marshal Bramall - or Dwin as he is universally known - has been in the forefront of military thinking. Cle...
Sex and world peace
Our Price: £18.99
Sex and World Peace unsettles a variety of assumptions in political and security discourse, demonstrating that the security of women is a vital factor...

My country, my life
Our Price: £22.50
In the summer of 2000, the most decorated soldier in Israel's history - Ehud Barak - set himself a challenge as daunting as any he had faced on the ba...
The anatomy of peace
Our Price: £8.99
The Anatomy of Peace will instil hope and inspire reconciliation. Through a series of moving stories about once-bitter enemies reunited, it shows us h...

The new sultan
Our Price: £18.00
In a world of rising tensions between Russia and the United States, the Middle East and Europe, Sunnis and Shiites, Islamism and liberalism, Turkey is...
The lost boys
Our Price: £14.99
An Irish Independent book of the year. The fascinating true story of one of the most controversial psychological experiments of the modern era - a re...

Mediation theory and practice
Our Price: £57.60
Students of applied communication, management communication and conflict communication.
Churchill's last stand
Our Price: £25.00
After the Second World War, with much of Europe in ruins, the victorious Winston Churchill swore to build a peace across Europe that would last a gene...