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When to rob a bank
Our Price: £9.69
This is the ultimate guide to the world of the Freak. Renegade thinkers and bestselling sensations Levitt and Dubner have carefully curated the very...
The gothic novel in Ireland, c. 1760-1829
Our Price: £77.60
The gothic novel in Ireland, c. 1760-1829 offers a compelling account of the development of gothic literature in late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth ...

The How to be British Collection
Our Price: £7.75
With standardising our food, our social customs and even our language, where can the overseas visitor find a truly British experience? The answer lies...
Environmental news in South America
Our Price: £77.59
Combining perspectives from media studies and political ecology, this book analyses socially constructed news regarding three environmental conflicts ...

21st century jocks
Our Price: £77.59
Drawing on hundreds of interviews with 15-22 year old straight and gay male athletes in both the United States and the United Kingdom, this book explo...
In praise of shadows
Our Price: £6.99
An intimate reflection on Japanese art and architecture from one of the country's greatest novelists.This is an enchanting essay on aesthetics by one ...

Conspicuous consumption
Our Price: £4.99
Throughout history, some books have changed the world. They have transformed the way we see ourselves - and each other. They have inspired debate, dis...
Our Price: £9.69
'Fascinating' Guardian'Brilliant' Evening Standard'Electrifying' Financial Times'So interesting I literally couldn't put it down' Sunday TimesWe are l...

The sublime object of ideology
Our Price: £14.54
Slavoj Žižek, the maverick philosopher, author of over 30 books, acclaimed as the Elvis of cultural theory , and today's most controversial...
Our Price: £29.05
How do we define taste? The only certainty is that it shifts and changes sometimes abruptly. With the explosion of vulgar consumerism in the mid-nin...

The political samaritan
Our Price: £12.60
Nick Spencer sets out to rescue an innocent parable, mugged for political ends, ignored by passers-by, and then left for half-dead at the edge of the ...
Lords of the horizons
Our Price: £10.66
'Perhaps the most readable history ever written' Time OutLords of the Horizons charts the Ottoman Empire's swirling epic history; dramatic - detailed ...

My life on the road
Our Price: £9.69
The New York Times bestseller Gloria Steinem had an itinerant childhood. Every fall, her father would pack the family into the car and they would dri...
The creative industries
Our Price: £32.00
Moving from age-old warnings about the influence of the cultural industry to a tentative embrace of a global creative society, Terry Flew′s new boo...

Xenophobe's guide to the Irish
Our Price: £6.99
The couth truthA popular perception of the Irish is that they're all fiery, freckle-faced red-heads who'll start a fight at the slightest offence (e.g...
Under the cover of chaos
Our Price: £14.54
Are Donald Trump's irrationality, cruelty, and bombast symptoms of his personality? Is the chaos surrounding him a sign of his incompetence? Are his p...

Xenophobe's Guide to the Austrians
Our Price: £6.99
A guide to understanding the Austrians that delves into the cultural curiosities and peculiar characteristics of this land-locked nation  The Austrian...
Xenophobe's Guide to the English
Our Price: £6.99
Never overstep the markModeration-a treasured ideal-means a lot to the English. Their respect for it is reflected in their shared dislike of any perso...

Undocumented lives
Our Price: £23.23
In the 1970s the Mexican government acted to alleviate rural unemployment by supporting the migration of able-bodied men. Millions crossed into the Un...
Quid pro quo
Our Price: £9.69
Did you know that the word 'prestige' derives from the Latin word for 'illusion'? Or that 'infantry' stems from a Latin word meaning one who could not...

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