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Cultural studies: customs & traditions

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The long, long life of trees
Our Price: £10.99
A lyrical tribute to the diversity of trees, their physical beauty, their special characteristics and uses, and their ever-evolving meanings Since the...
Ghosts of the tsunami
Our Price: £16.99
**WINNER OF THE RATHBONES FOLIO PRIZE**'The definitive book on the quake which killed more than 15,000 people.' Mail Online'You will not read a finer ...

My father's wake
Our Price: £16.99
Death is a whisper in the Anglo-Saxon world. But on a remote island, off the coast of County Mayo, death has a louder voice. Along with reports of inc...
Guide for the modern gentleman
Our Price: £15.00
Debrett's first book defining all aspects of life for the modern man. Includes behavioural and etiquette advice, along with style guides and interesti...

The hidden pleasures of life
Our Price: £9.99
A guide to new ambitions in work, relationships and learning, by our most inspired thinker on society and community. Scintillating . . . prophetic . ....
Vogue - the gown
Our Price: £30.00
Illustrated with fabulous images from Vogue's archive, Vogue: The Gown is the ultimate book for fashion lovers.In Vogue: The Gown, Jo Ellison has gath...

Danish cookbooks
Our Price: £22.99
Cookbooks tell stories. They open up the worlds in which the people who wrote and read them once lived. In the hands of a good historian, cookbooks can be shown to contain the markings of political, social, and ideological changes that we conventionally locate outside the kitchen. Over time, cookbooks allow us to trace the course of empires, of soc
Pop goes the weasel
Our Price: £9.99
In Pop Goes the Weasel, Albert Jack explores the strange and fascinating histories behind the nursery rhymes we thought we knew, showing that their re...

The food of Vietnam
Our Price: £30.00
Join celebrity chef Luke Nguyen on a culinary and cultural journey through the country of his heritage to discover the people and food that have endea...
Skin deep
Our Price: £18.99
Racial differences are rooted in biological reality, right? That's certainly what a small group of anthropologists, psychologists and pundits would ha...

The whole art of dress! or, The road to elegance and fashion, at the enormous saving of thirty per cent!
Our Price: £10.00
As we look back upon past centuries, and can scarce repress our laughter at many of the absurd fancies in costumes our ancestors wore, our present bel...
Our Price: £19.99
An essential fashion statement, sports shoes are no longer designed simply for running or working out. It's not enough for a shoe to fit the wearer an...

Our Price: £20.00
Revealing the fashion industry as never before, this beautiful book contains a wealth of invaluable information every fashionista should know. Written...
Russian criminal tattoo police files. Volume I
Our Price: £19.95
This book features over 180 photographs and accompanying texts of Russian criminal tattoos from the Arkady Bronnikov collection. From the mid-1960s to...

Royal weddings, a very peculiar history
Our Price: £8.99
The British Royal Family is a perennial source of fascination around the world, and few aspects of their lives are more celebrated and scrutinised tha...
Homa variations
Our Price: £31.49
The practice of making votive offerings into fire dates from the earliest periods of human history, and is found in many different religious cultures....

Castles and knights
Our Price: £4.99
Open your eyes to a world of discovery with EyewonderTake a trip back in time and find out what life was really like in the world of castles and knigh...
Fall seven times, get up eight
Our Price: £19.95
Japan's image in the world, and self-image, is tied up in a tumultuous history, from turbulent medieval ages, to the stable Tokugawa era, to catastrop...

Dress [with] sense
Our Price: £14.95
Dress [with] Sense is the perfect guide for fashion lovers of all ages keen to embrace a more ethical and environment-friendly approach to their wardr...
Our Price: £7.99
Based on her bestselling range of greetings cards, Cath Tate brings you her unique take on the yuletide season. In this brand-new festive title, part...

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