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Homo deus
Our Price: £9.89
**THE MILLION COPY BESTSELLER**Sapiens shows us where we came from. Homo Deusshows us where we're going.Yuval Noah Harari envisions a near future in w...

Start with why
Our Price: £8.99
Why are some people and organizations more inventive, pioneering and successful than others? And why are they able to repeat their success again and a...
Talking to my daughter about the economy
Our Price: £13.49
THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLERYanis Varoufakis, the world-renowned economist and #1 bestselling author, uses personal stories and famous myths to explain...

100 books that changed the world
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A chronological survey of the world's most influential books. Many books have become classics, must-reads or overnight publishing sensations, but ho...
Utopia for realists
Our Price: £8.09
THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER FROM THE VIRAL SENSATION TAKING ON THE BILLIONAIRES 'Listen out for Rutger Bregman. He has a big future shaping the futur...

The transformation of the world
Our Price: £22.50
A panoramic global history of the nineteenth centuryA monumental history of the nineteenth century, The Transformation of the World offers a panoramic...
Our Price: £3.50
Selected from the books Sapiens and Homo Deus by Yuval Noah HarariHow did money come to be invented? Why does it now have such significance in our liv...

The end of the French intellectual
Our Price: £18.00
Charting the decline of the French intellectual, from the Dreyfus Affair to IslamophobiaThe best-selling author of The Invention of the Jewish People,...
Our Price: £3.50
VINTAGE MINIS: GREAT MINDS. BIG IDEAS. LITTLE BOOKS.How do we choose between what is fair and just, and what our debtors demand of us? Yanis Varoufaki...

Our Price: £16.99
Selected as a Financial Times Best Book of 2013 In Strategy: A History, Sir Lawrence Freedman, one of the world's leading authorities on war and inte...
Empire & revolution
Our Price: £22.50
A major new account of one of the leading philosopher-statesmen of the eighteenth centuryEdmund Burke (1730-97) lived during one of the most extraordi...

Behold, America
Our Price: £18.00
The great economists
Our Price: £18.00
A Times Best Business Book of 2018What can the ideas of history's greatest economists tell us about the most important issues of our time?'The best pl...

The conquest of bread
Our Price: £8.99
'Well-being for all is not a dream.'In this brilliantly enjoyable, challenging rallying-cry of a book, Kropotkin lays out the heart of his anarchist b...
The fearless Benjamin Lay
Our Price: £16.19
'The Fearless Benjamin Lay' chronicles the transatlantic life and times of a singular and astonishing man - a Quaker dwarf who became one of the first white people ever to demand the total, unconditional emancipation of all enslaved Africans around the world. He performed public guerrilla theatre to shame slave masters, insisting that human bondage

How we invented freedom & why it matters
Our Price: £9.99
This book tells the story of freedom and explains how it is a uniquely 'British', rather than 'Western', invention. It shows how the inhabitants of a ...
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Though he was a prolific writer and an original thinker of vast erudition, Jung lacked a gift for clear exposition and his ideas are less widely appre...

De Civitate Dei
Our Price: £45.00
After completing the first ten books of De Civitate Dei, in which Augustine sought to refute the claim that pagan deities had ensured that Rome enjoy...
Leaders eat last
Our Price: £9.89
Imagine a world where almost everyone wakes up inspired to go to work, feels trusted and valued during the day, then returns home feeling fulfilled. T...