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Cyberbullying and the Wild, Wild Web
Our Price: £12.56
The world has changed drastically over the past decade. The Internet has had a huge part in that, as it has made the world more accessible to anyone o...
Our Price: £8.09
'Breaking Bad meets City of God' Roberto Saviano, author of GomorrahHUSBAND. This is the story of an ordinary man who became the king of the largest s...

Our Price: £8.09
A major film starring Brie Larson, winner of the Academy Award for Best Actress and the Best Actress BAFTAShortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, the Or...
The serial killers
Our Price: £8.99
Using privileged access to the National Centre for the Analysis of Violent Crime, Colin Wilson and Donald Seaman bring you this incisive study of the psychology of serial killers and the motives behind their crimes.

The great leveler
Our Price: £24.30
How only violence and catastrophes have consistently reduced inequality throughout world historyAre mass violence and catastrophes the only forces tha...
Conflict communication
Our Price: £11.69
FINALIST - SOCIAL CHANGE - ForeWord Reviews Indie Fab Award 2016 FINALIST - SOCIAL CHANGE - USA Best Books Award 2015 Your reactions to conflict are s...

Handbook of tyranny
Our Price: £22.50
Every page of the book questions our current world of walls and fences, police tactics and prison cells, crowd control and refugee camps.The dry and f...
Violence and honor in prerevolutionary P?rigord
Our Price: £85.50
Historians and scholars across other disciplines have long sought an explanation for why late medieval and early modern Europeans experienced elevated...

The girl who wanted to belong
Our Price: £7.19
Lucy is eight years old and ends up in foster care after being abandoned by her mum and kicked out by her new stepmother. Two aunties and then her elderly grandmother take her in but it seems nobody can cope with Lucy's disruptive behaviour. Social Services hope a stay with experienced foster carer Angela will help Lucy settle down. She misses her
The forgiveness project
Our Price: £8.99
What is forgiveness?Are some acts unforgivable?Can forgiveness take the place of revenge?Powerful real-life stories from survivors and perpetrators of...

A history of violence
Our Price: £8.99
This is a book about one of the deadliest places in the world El Salvador and Honduras have had the highest homicide rates in the world over the past ...
After Grenfell
Our Price: £15.29
On the 14th June 2017, a fire engulfed a tower block in West London, seventy-two people lost their lives and hundreds of others were left displaced an...

Topology of violence
Our Price: £13.49
One of today's most widely read philosophers considers the shift in violence from visible to invisible, from negativity to excess of positivity.Some t...
The history of terrorism
Our Price: £24.30
This authoritative work provides an essential perspective on terrorism by offering a rare opportunity for analysis and reflection at a time of ongoing...

Death without weeping
Our Price: £27.00
When lives are dominated by hunger, what becomes of love? When assaulted by daily acts of violence and untimely death, what happens to trust? Set in t...
The sociology of war and violence
Our Price: £26.99
War is a highly complex and dynamic form of social conflict. This book demonstrates the importance of using sociological tools to understand the chang...

Confronting honour killings in Turkey
Our Price: £67.50
In 2005 Turkey introduced a set of legal reforms that were aimed at curbing incidents of honour killings and punishing those responsible. But in the y...
Child, family, school, community
Our Price: £42.29
The best-selling CHILD, FAMILY, SCHOOL, COMMUNITY: SOCIALIZATION AND SUPPORT, now in its Tenth Edition, offers an excellent introduction to socializat...

Hunting the hooligans
Our Price: £7.19
By the mid-1980s, football hooliganism in the UK was endemic. The thugs were rampant, crowds were falling and the Government was near despair. Among t...
Rest in power
Our Price: £11.69
On February 26th 2012 seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin was walking home with a bag of Skittles and a can of juice when a fatal encounter with a gun...