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A life less throwaway
Our Price: £11.69
Now more than ever, we live in a society where we covet new and shiny things. Not only has consumption risen dramatically over the last 60 years, but ...
Our Price: £18.00
How ownership came to control us - and what we can do about itOur love affair with our possessions seems to be all-consuming, even as our planet reach...

Farewell to growth
Our Price: £14.39
Most of us who live in the North and the West consume far too much - too much meat, too much fat, too much sugar, too much salt. We are more likely to put on too much weight than to go hungry. We live in a society that is heading for a crash. We are aware of what is happening and yet we refuse to take it fully into account.
Our Price: £7.19
24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep explores some of the ruinous consequences of the expanding non-stop processes of twenty-first-century capi...

The SAGE handbook of consumer culture
Our Price: £108.00
The question of consumption emerged as a major focus of research and scholarship in the 1990s but the breadth and diversity of consumer culture has no...
Our Price: £16.16
That rosy tomato perched on your plate in December is at the end of a great journey-not just over land and sea, but across a vast and varied cultural ...

No logo
Our Price: £9.89
'No Logo' was a book that defined a generation when it was first published in 1999. For its 10th anniversay Naomi Klein has updated this iconic book.B...
The consumer society
Our Price: £27.89
Jean Baudrillard's classic text was one of the first to focus on the process and meaning of consumption in contemporary culture. Originally published ...

Affluenza (,æflu'enza)
Our Price: £11.69
There is currently an epidemic of 'affluenza' throughout the world - an obsessive, envious, keeping-up-with-the-Joneses - that has resulted in huge in...
Generation M
Our Price: £11.69
What does it mean to be young and Muslim today? There is a segment of the world's 1.6 billion Muslims that is more influential than any other, and wil...

Who can you trust?
Our Price: £13.49
Nominated for the Business Book Awards 'Embracing Change' categoryFinancial Times Book of the Month-----If you can't trust those in charge, who can yo...
Class acts
Our Price: £24.30
In this lively study, Rachel Sherman goes behind the scenes in two urban luxury hotels to give a nuanced picture of the workers who care for and cater...

Merry Midwinter
Our Price: £8.09
'Lots of ideas for making gifts and decorations but not spending tons of money buying them' Jenni Murray Celebrating midwinter is not about what you b...
Consumer culture
Our Price: £27.89
A thorough and wide-ranging synthetic account of social scientific research on consumption which will set the standard for the second generation of t...

Merry midwinter
Our Price: £9.99
'Lots of ideas for making gifts and decorations but not spending tons of money buying them' Jenni MurrayCelebrating midwinter is not about what you bu...
Empire of things
Our Price: £11.69
'Magnificent ... groundbreaking ... a triumph' Peter Frankopan, author of The Silk Roads'A masterpiece, a delight to read ... a rare and beautiful th...

What's mine is yours
Our Price: £11.69
In the 20th century humanity consumed products faster than ever, but this way of living is no longer sustainable. This new and important book shows ho...
The Mediated Mind
Our Price: £21.59
How did we arrive at our contemporary consumer media economy? Why are we now fixated on screens, imbibing information that constantly expires, and lon...

Black and indigenous
Our Price: £18.89
Garifuna live in Central America, primarily Honduras, and the United States. Identified as Black by others and by themselves, they also claim indigeno...
Super fandom
Our Price: £8.99
Fandom isn't a noun, it's a verb. Fans create; they engage; they discuss. From comics to clothing, boundaries between fans and creators are blurring, ...