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Our Price: £9.99
'Glorious' Sunday Times'Laugh-out-loud funny' The Times'Extraordinary' Observer'Exceptional' Telegraph'Electric' New York Times'Snort-out-loud' ...
Man-made woman
Our Price: £10.00
On July 27th, 2015, Colin Cremin overcame a lifetime of fear and repression and came to work dressed as a woman called Ciara. This book charts her per...

Why are we yelling
Our Price: £18.99
'This is a life-changing book. Read it three times and then give a copy to anyone you care about. It will make things better' - Seth Godin, author of ...
The forgiveness project
Our Price: £9.99
What is forgiveness?Are some acts unforgivable?Can forgiveness take the place of revenge?Powerful real-life stories from survivors and perpetrators of...

Our Price: £16.99
This is the dramatic story of how a noted tech venture capitalist, an early mentor to Mark Zuckerberg and investor in his company, woke up to the seri...
A brief history of neoliberalism
Our Price: £13.99
Neoliberalism - the doctrine that market exchange is an ethic in itself, capable of acting as a guide for all human action - has become dominant in bo...

Our Price: £20.00
The role that system has played in the shaping and reshaping of modern knowledge, from Galileo and Newton to our own computational universe. A syst...
The case against perfection
Our Price: £14.95
Sandel explores a paramount question of our era: how to extend the power and promise of biomedical science to overcome debility without compromising ...

The trolley problem mysteries
Our Price: £23.99
Suppose you can stop a trolley from killing five people, but only by turning it onto a side track where it will kill one. May you turn the trolley? W...
Chasing the scream
Our Price: £9.99
THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER THE SUBJECT OF THE VIRAL TED TALK What if everything you think you know about addiction is wrong? One of Johann Hari's ...

Do humankind's best days lie ahead?
Our Price: £7.99
'It's just a brute fact that we don't throw virgins into volcanoes any more. We don't execute people for shoplifting a cabbage. And we used to.' -St...
The contract of mutual indifference
Our Price: £12.99
'The idea which I shall present here came to me more or less out of the blue. I was on a train some five years ago, on my way to spend a day at Headin...

The secret history of Georgian London
Our Price: £15.99
Georgian London evokes images of elegant buildings and fine art, but it was also a city where prostitution was rife, houses of ill repute widespread, ...
Why vegan?
Our Price: £5.99
'So the only question is: do animals other than man suffer?'One of the great moral philosophers of the modern age, Peter Singer asks unflinching quest...

Humanitarian action and ethics
Our Price: £18.99
From natural disaster areas to conflict zones, humanitarian workers today find themselves operating in diverse and difficult environments. While human...
Values and ethics in mental health
Our Price: £29.99
Mental health is the one area of health care where people are often treated against their will, with the justification that it is in their own interes...

The Cut
Our Price: £12.99
The Cut
Rethinking anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive theories for social work practice
Our Price: £30.99
For years anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive practice have been embedded in the social work landscape. Thinking beyond the mainstream approaches,...

Who can you trust?
Our Price: £14.99
Nominated for the Business Book Awards 'Embracing Change' categoryFinancial Times Book of the Month-----If you can't trust those in charge, who can yo...
Feminist political theory
Our Price: £33.99
Feminist theory is a challenging and often deeply divided body of thought that raises issues which affect us all. In this, her third edition of the hi...

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