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The diary of Mary Berg
Our Price: £10.66
Mary Berg was fifteen when the German army poured into Poland in 1939. She survived four years of Nazi terror, and managed to keep a diary throughout....
Vintage humour
Our Price: £18.42
Abu Nuwas, the pre-eminent bacchic bard of the classical Arabic canon, was loved and reviled in equal measure for his lyrical celebration of Abbasid B...

The Islamic enlightenment
Our Price: £11.63
SHORTLISTED FOR THE BAILLIE GIFFORD PRIZE 2017'An eye-opening, well-written and very timely book' Yuval Noah Harari'The best sort of book for our diso...
Whites, Jews, and us
Our Price: £11.63
A scathing critique of the Left from an indigenous anti-colonial perspective.Why am I writing this book? Because I share Gramsci's anxiety: The old a...

Lost Islamic history
Our Price: £9.69
Over the last 1,400 years, a succession of Muslim polities and empires expanded to control territories and peoples stretching from southern France to ...
Kingdoms of faith
Our Price: £14.54
Prior accounts have portrayed Islamic Spain either as a paradise of enlightened tolerance, or as the site where civilisations clashed. Award-winning h...

Looking to London
Our Price: £9.70
The city of London is celebrated as one of the most ethnically diverse capitals in the world, and has been a magnet of migration since its origin. Loo...
The left's Jewish problem
Our Price: £12.60
Relations between British Jews and the left are in crisis, a situation reaching its nadir when the Labour Party was forced to suspend Naz Shah and Ken Livingstone over comments they made about Israel. Yet, until the 1980s, the British left was broadly pro-Israel. This change did not happen by chance: political activists made it happen. This book re

The rage
Our Price: £12.60
The early twenty-first century has been defined by a rise in Islamist radicalisation and a concurrent rise in far right extremism. This book explores ...
The land beyond
Our Price: £17.45
There are many reasons why it might seem unwise to walk, mostly alone, through the Middle East. That, in part, is exactly why Leon McCarron did it.Fro...

Mischka's war
Our Price: £29.10
On a winter's day in 1943, 21-year-old Latvian Mischka Danos chanced on a terrible sight - a pit filled with the bodies of Jews killed by the occupyin...
Our Price: £8.72
Antisemitism, as hatred of Jews and Judaism, has been a central problem of Western civilization for millennia, and its history continues to invite deb...

Our Price: £36.86
The first comprehensive history of the pietistic movement that shaped modern JudaismThis is the first comprehensive history of the pietistic movement ...
The rise of network Christianity
Our Price: £23.27
Why, when traditionally organized religious groups are seeing declining membership and participation, are networks of independent churches growing so ...

The Koran
Our Price: £8.72
The Koran has constituted a remarkably strong core of identity and continuity for a religious tradition that is now in its fifteenth century. This Ve...
Founding Fathers of Zionism
Our Price: £22.31
Before the state of Israel became a reality in 1948, a group of thinkers advanced the idea; five of these men would become icons of the Zionist moveme...

Pennies for heaven
Our Price: £86.33
In the annals of American Jewish history, synagogue financial records have been largely overlooked. But as Daniel Judson shows in his examination of s...
My life with the Taliban
Our Price: £12.60
Abdul Zaeef describes growing up in poverty in rural Kandahar province, which he fled for Pakistan after the Russian invasion of 1979. Zaeef joined th...

What is Islam?
Our Price: £21.34
A bold new conceptualization of Islam that reflects its contradictions and rich diversityWhat is Islam? How do we grasp a human and historical phenome...
Yiddish writers in Weimar Berlin
Our Price: £76.63
In Yiddish Writers in Weimar Berlin, Marc Caplan explores the reciprocal encounter between Eastern European Jews and German culture in the days follow...

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