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The great leveler
Our Price: £30.00
How only violence and catastrophes have consistently reduced inequality throughout world historyAre mass violence and catastrophes the only forces tha...
Our Price: £18.00
The British Cartographic SocietyWINNERThe BCS Award 2015WINNERThe Stanfords Award for Printed Mapping 2015WINNERJohn C Bartholomew Award for Thematic ...

Social inequality & the politics of representation
Our Price: £42.29
This anthology critically analyzes how cultures around the world make social categories of race, class, gender and sexuality meaningful in particular ...
Class attitudes in America
Our Price: £22.99
This book explains a long-standing puzzle in American politics: why so many Americans support downwardly redistributive social welfare programs, when ...

Our Price: £25.19
Combining key theoretical perspectives with contemporary case studies, this text will be invaluable in helping you to fully understand the complex iss...
The ancient city
Our Price: £18.99
Greece and Rome were quintessentially urban societies. Ancient culture, politics and society arose and developed in the context of the polis and the c...

Divided kingdom
Our Price: £22.99
How has the UK evolved into the country it is today? This clear, comprehensive survey of its history since 1900 explores the political, economic, soci...
Our Price: £17.09
A highly readable and entertaining first look at how today's members of iGen-the children, teens, and young adults born in the mid-1990s and later-are...

Our Price: £7.19
The generation into which each person is born, the demographic composition of that cohort, and its relation to those born at the same time in other pl...
Our Price: £8.09
Thomas Robert Malthus (1766-1834) was an English cleric whose ideas, as expounded in his most famous work the Essay on the Principle of Population, ca...

All the single ladies
Our Price: £8.99
The New York Times bestselling investigation into the sexual, economic, and emotional lives of women is an informative and thought-provoking book for...
Violent borders
Our Price: £8.99
A major new exploration of the refugee crisis, focusing on how borders are formed and policedForty thousand people have died trying to cross between c...

The wizard and the prophet
Our Price: £22.50
In forty years, the population of the Earth will reach ten billion. Can our world support so many people? What kind of world will it be? In this uniqu...
International migration
Our Price: £7.19
In recent years, global migration has transformed in terms of its numbers and reach, its political significance, and its impact. The rising rates of i...

10 billion
Our Price: £8.99
'I think we're fucked' Stephen EmmottTen Billion is a book about us.It's a book about you, your children, your parents, your friends. It's about every...
Indian and slave royalists in the Age of Revolution
Our Price: £19.79
Royalist Indians and slaves in the northern Andes engaged with the ideas of the Age of Revolution (1780-1825), such as citizenship and freedom. Althou...

Lineages of modernity
Our Price: £27.00
Author of }After The Empire{ Emmanuel Todd considers the current difficulties faced by humanity in relation to the dynamics between people from the Stone Age forwards. Looks at society at the unconscious as well as the conscious level.
Violent borders
Our Price: £15.29
A major new exploration of the refugee crisis, focusing on how borders are formed and policedForty thousand people died trying to cross international ...

The demography of Roman Italy
Our Price: £26.09
This book provides a fresh perspective on the population history of Italy during the late Republic. It employs a range of sources and a multidisciplin...
The American census
Our Price: £27.00
This book is the first social history of the census from its origins to the present and has become the standard history of the population census in th...