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The mushroom at the end of the world
Our Price: £16.99
What a rare mushroom can teach us about sustaining life on a fragile planetMatsutake is the most valuable mushroom in the world-and a weed that grows ...
How forests think
Our Price: £25.00
Can forests think? Do dogs dream? In this astonishing book, Eduardo Kohn challenges the very foundations of anthropology, calling into question our ce...

Encountering development
Our Price: £25.00
How did the industrialized nations of North America and Europe come to be seen as the appropriate models for post-World War II societies in Asia, Afri...
Between art and anthropology
Our Price: £26.99
Between Art and Anthropology provides new and challenging arguments for considering contemporary art and anthropology in terms of fieldwork practice. ...

Our Price: £10.99
An ever-increasing proportion of our lives is spent in supermarkets, airports and hotels, on motorways or in front of TVs, computers and cash machines...
The corporeal image
Our Price: £32.00
In this book, David MacDougall, one of the leading ethnographic filmmakers and film scholars of his generation, builds upon the ideas from his widely ...

Our Price: £38.99
The first edition of this illuminating study, addressed both to readers new to Jung and to those already familiar with his work, offered fresh insight...
Human errors
Our Price: £13.99
We like to think of ourselves as highly evolved creatures. But if we are evolution's greatest creation, why are we so badly designed? We have retinas ...

An Analysis of Saba Mahmood's Politics of Piety
Our Price: £6.50
Saba Mahmood's 2005 Politics of Piety is an excellent example of evaluation in action. Mahmood's book is a study of women's participation in the Isla...
Dental anthropology
Our Price: £46.99
Teeth are one of the best sources of evidence for both identification and studies of demography, biological relationships and health in ancient human ...

Small places, large issues
Our Price: £19.99
This introduction to social and cultural anthropology has become a modern classic, revealing the rich global variation in social life and culture acro...
A kingdom in crisis
Our Price: £12.99
'Perhaps the best introduction yet to the roots of Thailand's present political impasse. A brilliant book.'Simon Long, The EconomistStruggling to emer...

Foragers, Farmers, and Fossil Fuels
Our Price: £16.99
The best-selling author of Why the West Rules-for Now examines the evolution and future of human values Most people in the world today think democracy...
The anthropology of sex
Our Price: £29.99
Sex scholarship has a long history in anthropology, from the studies of voyeuristic Victorian gentlemen ethnographers, to more recent analyses of gay ...

Our Price: £34.99
In this engaging new book, Gerda Reith explores key theoretical concepts in the sociology of consumption. Drawing on the ideas of Foucault, Marx and B...
Our Price: £8.99
Why are some people worriers, and others wanderers? Why do some people seem good at empathising, and others at controlling? We have something deep and...

The Japanese house
Our Price: £25.99
In the West the Japanese house has reached iconic status in its architecture, decoration and style. Is this neat, carefully constructed version of Jap...
Dialogues with ethnography
Our Price: £24.95
This book persuasively argues the case that ethnography must be viewed as a full theoretical system, rather than just as a research method. Blommaert ...

Herbert Spencer
Our Price: £120.00
Herbert Spencer: Legacies explores and assesses the impact of the ideas and work of the great Victorian polymath Herbert Spencer across a wide range o...
World Heritage and human rights
Our Price: £42.99
The World Heritage community is currently adopting policies to mainstream human rights as part of a wider sustainability agenda. This interdisciplinar...

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