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Child welfare

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Overcoming self-harm and suicidal thoughts
Our Price: £12.99
Crisis counsellor Liz Quish presents this practical guide for parents and others caring for young people who engage in self-harming and suicidal thinking based on her many years of working with vulnerable teenagers. Filled with insight and advice, her book offers a uniquely integrated, whole-person approach, focusing on all aspects of wellbeing.
Social pedagogy and working with children and young people
Our Price: £25.99
Social pedagogy is an innovative discipline that supports children's upbringing and overall development by focusing on the child as a whole person. It...

The girl with no name
Our Price: £9.99
'It all happened so quickly. One minute I was squatting on the bare earth, preoccupied with popping pea pods. The next, I saw the flash of a black han...
Observing adolescents with attachment difficulties in educational settings
Our Price: £24.99
This easy-to-use tool provides an observation checklist which enables staff to identify behavioural patterns in children with social and emotional dif...

Effective child protection
Our Price: £29.99
?Effective Child Protection is a significant contribution to child welfare practice and policy...Munro offers a pathway to achieving better outcomes f...
The simple guide to child trauma
Our Price: £9.99
· What is trauma?· How does it affect children?· How can adults help?Providing straightforward answers to these complex que...

Revealing the inner world of traumatized children
Our Price: £24.99
Bringing together the latest research and theory about a child's inner world and the impact of the world around them, this is a guide to understanding...
The well-being of children in the UK
Our Price: £28.99
Now in its fourth edition, this is the classic assessment of the state of child well-being in the United Kingdom. This edition has been updated to re...

First steps in parenting the child who hurts
Our Price: £16.99
`This excellent book looks at the attachment and development of very young children in the fostering and adoption situation. It deals sensitively and ...
Youth & crime
Our Price: £32.99
This book provides you with the most comprehensive and authoritative overview of youth crime and youth justice available.   Keeping you abreast of co...

Understanding childhood
Our Price: £25.99
Childhood has become central to socio-political debates and policy initiatives both nationally and globally. Despite the privileges afforded to childr...
Understanding family meanings
Our Price: £24.99
Family Studies is a key area of policy, professional and personal debate. Perhaps precisely because of this, teaching texts have struggled withhow to...

A practical guide to caring for children and teenagers with attachment difficulties
Our Price: £18.99
This book guides childcare professionals through attachment theory and provides techniques for caring for children with attachment difficulties. It ex...
Child protection in the early years
Our Price: £16.99
Finalist in the Professional Books category of the 2018 Nursery World Awards.This accessible guide shows early years professionals how to create safe,...

Official secrets
Our Price: £12.99
When paediatricians in the English county of Cleveland identified evidence of rape in 121 children in 1987, they were discredited. Children were sent ...
Romania's abandoned children
Our Price: £23.95
The implications of early experience for children's brain development, behavior, and psychological functioning have long absorbed caregivers, research...

Anti-discriminatory practice
Our Price: £24.99
This handbook provides a wide-ranging guide to anti-discriminatory practice for those who work in childcare and educational settings. It covers race, religion and culture, with guidelines on personal care, communication and identity.
Beyond the risk paradigm in child protection
Our Price: £27.99
For decades, child protection systems have striven to provide responsive services to vulnerable children and families in the face of the constant chan...

Child development and the brain
Our Price: £21.99
This accessibly written textbook explores how our increasing knowledge of neuroscience and advances in methods of investigation is changing our unders...
Our Price: £25.99
The launch of the Troubled Families Programme in the wake of the 2011 riots conflated poor and disadvantaged families with anti-social and criminal fa...

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