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The language of kindness
Our Price: £14.99
THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER*A Guardian, Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, The Times, New Statesman Netgalley and Reading Agency Book of the Year 2018*An ...
Man's Search For Meaning
Our Price: £6.99
A prominent Viennese psychiatrist before the war, Viktor Frankl was uniquely able to observe the way that he and other inmates coped with the experien...

The interpretation of dreams
Our Price: £3.99
Translated by A.A. Brill With an Introduction by Stephen Wilson. Sigmund Freud's audacious masterpiece, The Interpretation of Dreams, has never ceased...
How the brain works
Our Price: £16.99
Are men's and women's brains really different? Why are teenagers impulsive and rebellious? And will it soon be possible to link our brains together vi...

Who moved my cheese?
Our Price: £6.99
With over 2.5 million copies sold worldwide, Who Moved My Cheese? is a simple parable that reveals profound truths It is the amusing and enlightening...
Our Price: £14.99
THE LIFE-CHANGING BESTSELLER - OVER 1.5 MILLION COPIES SOLDAuthoritative, beautifully written and much-loved by its readers, Mindfulness: A practical ...

The velvet rage
Our Price: £10.99
Today's gay man enjoys unprecedented, hard-won social acceptance. Despite this victory, however, serious problems still exist. Substance abuse, depres...
Psychology and the paranormal
Our Price: £29.99
The field of research on the paranormal has changed enormously in the last 20 years. Examining  experiences of ESP, psychokinesis, precognition, ganz...

I am, I am, I am
Our Price: £9.99
In therapy
Our Price: £8.99
Worldwide, increasingly large numbers of people are seeing therapists on a regular basis. In the UK alone, 1.5 million people are in therapy. We go to...

Skin in the game
Our Price: £20.00
THE TOP TEN BESTSELLER From the bestselling author of The Black Swan, a bold book that challenges many of our long-held beliefs about risk and reward,...
Bella figura
Our Price: £14.99
In 2008, Kamin Mohammadi found herself worn down - by the increasingly unrealistic expectations of her high-flying job in the magazine industry, by he...

The happy brain
Our Price: £12.99
Do you want to be happy?If so - read on. This book has all the answers.*In The Happy Brain, neuroscientist Dean Burnett delves deep into the inner wor...
The idiot brain
Our Price: £8.99
SHORTLISTED FOR THE GOODREADS BEST SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY BOOK AWARDMotion sickness.Nightmares.Forgetting people's names.Why did I walk into this ro...

Lost connections
Our Price: £16.99
THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER 'This amazing book will change your life' Elton John 'Brilliant' Matt Haig 'Wonderful' Hillary Clinton 'A game-changer' ...
Building the intentional university
Our Price: £35.00
How to rebuild higher education from the ground up for the twenty-first century.Higher education is in crisis. It is too expensive, ineffective, and i...

AQA psychology for GCSE
Our Price: £23.99
Written by renowned Cara Flanagan and a highly experienced author team, this Student Book has been approved by AQA offering high quality support you can trust.
Ideas are your only currency
Our Price: £9.99
FUTURE-PROOFING FOR THINKERS.'What skills and abilities will a student need to prosper in five, ten, or fifteen years' time?' In a world of change, wh...

Man's search for meaning
Our Price: £8.99
16 MILLION COPIES SOLD'A book to read, to cherish, to debate, and one that will ultimately keep the memories of the victims alive' John Boyne, author ...
It's all in your head
Our Price: £9.99
A neurologist explores the very real world of psychosomatic illness. Pauline first became ill when she was fifteen. What seemed to be a urinary infect...

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