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Psychology: sexual behaviour

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Future sex
Our Price: £8.72
Emily Witt is single and in her thirties. Until recently she had always imagined she would meet the right person and fall in love. But, as we all know...
21st century jocks
Our Price: £77.59
Drawing on hundreds of interviews with 15-22 year old straight and gay male athletes in both the United States and the United Kingdom, this book explo...

Mating in captivity
Our Price: £9.99
When you love someone, how does it feel? And when you desire someone, how is it different? In Mating in Captivity, Esther Perel looks at the story of ...
The end of sex and the future of human reproduction
Our Price: £16.44
Will the future confront us with human GMOs? Greely provocatively declares yes, and, while clearly explaining the science, spells out the ethical, po...

Counselling skills for working with gender diversity and identity
Our Price: £24.25
For any student or practitioner needing to gain a sound understanding of the complex fields of gender variance, gender identity and gender dysphoria, ...
King, warrior, magician, lover
Our Price: £11.63
Jungian analyst Robert Moore and mythologist Douglas Gillette combine in this book that attempts to break the code on the structure of the mature masculine personality. Examining the four mature archtypes: the King (energy of creative ordering), the Warrior (energy of non-violent aggressive action), the Magician (energy of initiation and transforma

Our Price: £22.30
You have in your hands the most rigorous, complete and readable book ever written about the fascinating science of human sexuality. This book goes bey...
The voyeur's motel
Our Price: £9.69
On January 7, 1980, in the run-up to the publication of Thy Neighbor's Wife, Gay Talese received an anonymous letter from a man in Colorado. 'Since le...

The heart of tantric sex
Our Price: £9.69
After many years of exploration, Diana Richardson found that the ancient practice of Tantra, with its unique, intelligent approach to sex, had the eff...
Our Price: £11.63
The fault lines that can fracture a marriage are all contained in these six words: FAMILIARITY, FIGHTING, FAMILY, FINANCES, FOOLING AROUND AND FINDING...

Mind the gap
Our Price: £14.54
'This book taught me so much about female desire. A must read!' Cherry HealeyDid you know that there is an orgasm gap of around 30% between heterosexu...
The history of sexuality. Vol. 2 Use of pleasure
Our Price: £12.60
This book offers an account of the emergence of Christianity from the Ancient World. Here Foucault describes the stranger byways of Greek medicine (wi...

Is there still sex in the city?
Our Price: £8.72
Candace Bushnell gets personal in her new memoir - an investigation into what happens when a woman of a certain age (ok, let's call it 'middle') find...
Why women are poorer than men and what we can do about it
Our Price: £14.54
Discover why it is that women are poorer than men in this intelligent dissection of the gender wealth gap.'A nuanced look at the institutional oppress...

The red queen
Our Price: £10.66
Sex is as fascinating to scientists as it is to the rest of us. A vast pool of knowledge, therefore, has been gleaned from research into the nature of...
Sex and desire in Muslim cultures
Our Price: £87.30
What have different ideas about sex and gender meant for people throughout the history of the Middle East and North Africa? This book traces sex and d...

Turned on
Our Price: £10.66
'Illuminating, witty and written with a wide open mind' Sunday Times The idea of the seductive sex robot is the stuff of myth, legend and science fic...
The history of sexuality
Our Price: £12.60
The third volume of Foucault's history of sexuality. A sociologist and historian of ideas, Foucault's other works include Madness and Civilization , ...

A taste for the beautiful
Our Price: £21.34
From one of the world's leading authorities on animal behavior, the astonishing story of how the female brain drives the evolution of beauty in animal...
Our Price: £16.48
Open your eyes to the meaning of your dreams and take advantage of their incredible power for self-improvement.Find out how to decode and interpret yo...

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