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Our Price: £8.99
'Masterful' Sunday Times_________________Ancient Rome. 70 B.C.A city rippling with power - and with no shortage of men who would wield it... When Tiro...
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
Our Price: £3.99
Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, published between 1776 and 1788, is the undisputed masterpiece of English historical writing which can ...

Our Price: £8.99
'Confirms Harris's undisputed place as our leading master of both the historical and contemporary thriller' Daily Mail_________________LAWS ARE SILENT...
In bed with the Romans
Our Price: £20.00
One way or another the Romans spent quite a lot of time in bed, in between conquering and civilising the known world. The men were intent on demonstra...

The ancient Greeks in 100 facts
Our Price: £8.99
Ancient Greece was never just one nation: it was a disparate collection of independent city-states, often embroiled in war with each other, with separ...
Our Price: £8.99
Rome, 63 BC.In a city on the brink of acquiring a vast empire, seven men are struggling for power. Cicero is consul, Caesar his ruthless young rival, ...

The story of Roman Bath
Our Price: £9.99
When the Romans built the bath-and-temple complex of Bath in the late first century AD, they called the place Aquae Sulis, the waters of Sulis, a Brit...
The boy who saw
Our Price: £7.99
The electrifying new thriller from Sunday Times bestselling author, Simon Toyne.Only one boy can see the darkness. Only one man can save him from it.'...

Res publica and the Roman republic
Our Price: £72.00
Res Publica and the Roman Republic tells the story of an idea - res publica - and shows us what it meant and was made to mean in the particular histor...
Roman conquests. North Africa
Our Price: £19.99
The third in the Roman Conquests series will briefly cover Rome's first forays into the dark continent during the First and Second Punic Wars, then co...

Northanger Abbey
Our Price: £8.99
Jane Austen in the hands of queen of crime, Val McDermid. Get ready for a very different Northanger Abbey.For Cat Morland life being home-schooled in ...
Ancient worlds
Our Price: £9.99
'A bold and imaginative page-turner that challenges ideas about the world of antiquity.' Peter Frankopan (The Silk Roads)'This vivid and engaging book...

The Orchard book of first Greek myths
Our Price: £14.99
Here are ten of the greatest and best-loved Greek legends retold with warmth and humour for young children and illustrated with bright, friendly artwo...
Our Price: £19.99
Although Marcus Junius Brutus is one of the most famous, or infamous, conspirators of Rome and the ancient world, if not of all time, knowledge of thi...

An archaeology of human decapitation burials
Our Price: £30.00
This is an in depth yet accessible study of human decapitation burials in Roman Britain. Dr Katie Tucker studied this subject for her doctorate and so...
Gender, manumission, and the Roman freedwoman
Our Price: £19.99
Gender, Manumission, and the Roman Freedwoman examines the distinct problem posed by the manumission of female slaves in ancient Rome. The sexual iden...

Rotten Romans
Our Price: £6.99
Go back into the really rotten times of the Romans, where there were beastly battles, deadly doctors and marvellous myths. Discover what R...
The Celts
Our Price: £10.99
'Informed, impeccably researched and written' Neil Oliver'A masterpiece of evocative scientific storytelling' Brian CoxThe Celts are one of the world'...

The archaeology of Greek and Roman Troy
Our Price: £28.99
The Archaeology of Greek and Roman Troy provides an overview of all excavations that have been conducted at Troy, from the nineteenth century through ...
Aesop's fables
Our Price: £2.50
HarperCollins is proud to present its new range of best-loved, essential classics.'It is thrifty to prepare today for the wants of tomorrow.'Living in...

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