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Richard III and the princes in the tower
Our Price: £10.99
Includes a new foreword by the author The story of the death, in sinister circumstances, of the boy-king Edward V and his younger brother Richard, Duk...
A hero born
Our Price: £14.99

Meetings with remarkable manuscripts
Our Price: £12.99
WINNER OF THE WOLFSON HISTORY PRIZE AND THE DUFF COOPER PRIZE FOR NON-FICTION'Endlessly fascinating and enjoyable' Neil MacGregor'A marvellous book' D...
The wars of the Bruces
Our Price: £14.99
The Bruces of fourteenth-century Scotland were formidable and enthusiastic warriors. Whilst much has been written about events as they happened in Sco...

Lancaster and York
Our Price: £11.99
The war between the houses of Lancaster and York for the throne of England was characterised by treachery, deceit and - at St Albans, Blore Hill and T...
KS3 History Medieval Kingship
Our Price: £2.00
Ready-made high quality KS3 history lessons on Medieval kings - topic booklet perfect for a half term's work.Give every student access to high quality...

The inheritance of Rome
Our Price: £14.99
'The Penguin History of Europe series ... is one of contemporary publishing's great projects' New StatesmanThe world known as the 'Dark Ages', often s...
Our Price: £21.99
It's A Time-Travelling Journey Through Ireland ? It's A?Historopedia!? Buckle up and get ready to travel back in time with John and Fatti Burke's ne...

Our Price: £10.99
Known as 'the anarchy', the reign of Stephen (1135-1141) saw England plunged into a civil war that illuminated the fatal flaw in the powerful Norman m...
Meetings with remarkable manuscripts
Our Price: £30.00
WINNER OF THE WOLFSON HISTORY PRIZE AND THE DUFF COOPER PRIZE FOR NON-FICTION'An endlessly fascinating and enjoyable book' Neil MacGregor'Full of deli...

Constructing kingship
Our Price: £18.00
Crusading kings such as Louis IX of France and Richard I of England exert a unique hold on our historical imagination. For this reason, it can be easy...
Magna Carta
Our Price: £12.99
'A soaring account of the months that transformed a messy feudal squabble into Magna Carta...his crisp storytelling, based around short chapters and r...

Our Price: £10.99
For a thousand years an extraordinary empire made possible Europe's transition to the modern world: Byzantium. An audacious and resilient but now litt...
God's traitors
Our Price: £12.99
*Winner of the PEN Hessell-Tiltman Prize**Longlisted for The Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction**A Sunday Times Book of the Year**A Daily Telegraph ...

Our Price: £12.99
London has perhaps the most remarkable history of any city in the world. Now its story has a unique voice. In this epic novel Edward Rutherfurd take...
Codices illustres
Our Price: £30.00
From The Book of Kells to Boccaccio's Decameron, from the Vienna Genesis to Dante's Divine Comedy: to open Codices illustres is to open the door into ...

A field guide to the English clergy
Our Price: £12.99

'A group biography of ecclesiastical nuttiness.' The Times, Books of the Year 2018

The time traveller's guide to medieval England
Our Price: £9.99
The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there...Imagine you could travel back to the fourteenth century. What would you see, and hea...

Our Price: £9.99
Cuneiform script on tablets of clay is, as far as we know, the oldest form of writing in the world. The choice of clay as writing medium in ancient Me...
Islamic empires
Our Price: £10.99
'Outstanding, illuminating, compelling ... a riveting read' Peter Frankopan, Sunday Times Islamic civilization was once the envy of the world. From a ...

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