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Sir Ambrose Heal and the Heal Cabinet Factory
Our Price: £48.50
Inspired by the likes of John Ruskin and William Morris, Ambrose Heal transformed the family furnishing business, Heal's of Tottenham Court Road, Lond...
100 pioneering women
Our Price: £12.56
100 Pioneering Women presents a selection of images of remarkable women, who have defied the expectations of their gender and made extraordinary con...

Benton End remembered
Our Price: £24.25
In 1940, Cedric Morris and Arthur Lett-Haines, both established artists with international reputations who had become disillusioned with the commercia...
The smile stealers
Our Price: £19.35
This achingly jawdropping book follows the evolution of dentistry throughout the world from the Bronze Age to the present day, presenting captivating ...

Alice's adventures in Wonderland
Our Price: £19.40
A stunning anniversary edition of Alice's adventures, illustrated by Salvador Dalì Commemorating the 150th anniversary of one of the most beloved cla...
The cranky caterpillar
Our Price: £6.99
One day Ezra hears a gloomy blue tune coming from the piano. To her suprise, it's a caterpillar making the sound: a cranky caterpillar. Ezra tries to cheer him up with some fresh air, cakes, and new hats, but nothing seems to work. What can Ezra do to help the cranky caterpillar change his tune?

Street fight in Naples
Our Price: £12.60
Naples is always a shock, flaunting beauty and squalor like nowhere else. It is the only city in Europe whose ancient past still lives in its irrepres...
The upcycled garden
Our Price: £15.51
Features 25 step-by-step projects

David Hockney - current
Our Price: £43.65
David Hockney is one of the most influential British artists of the past century, and arguably the country's greatest living painter. He has spent his...
The Bloomsbury group
Our Price: £9.69
At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Bloomsbury Group transformed British culture with their innovative approach to art, design and society....

Michael Jackson
Our Price: £33.95
Michael Jackson, one of the most successful recording artists of all time, also has the distinction of being the most depicted cultural figure; an i...
Ten huts
Our Price: £25.17
Described as an artist of prodigious imagination and intelligence by the New York Times, Jill Sigman makes art at the intersection of dance, visual ...

Drawing perspective methods for artists
Our Price: £11.63
Learn how to create the illusion of three-dimensional space in your drawings It is as mundane as it is astounding: placed in the right way, a couple o...
Our Price: £8.72
From before history was recorded to the present day, theatre has been a major artistic form around the world. From puppetry to mimes and street theatr...

The road to serfdom
Our Price: £9.70
In The Road to Serfdom and The Intellectuals and Socialism, Hayek explained the enduring appeal of socialist ideas. Socialism satisfies peoples desire...
Hsiao Chin and Punto
Our Price: £29.10
Hsiao Chin spent his formative years in Europe experiencing the Western Modern Art movement. As a leading post-war Asian artist, he has contributed im...

Our Price: £33.95
A book of portraits photographed on film, processed and printed using traditional materials, accompanied by a narrative of the author's recollections ...
Thomas, Lucy and Alatau
Our Price: £24.25
This is the first full biography of an unjustly forgotten man: Thomas Witlam Atkinson (1799 - 1861), architect, artist, traveller extraordinaire, auth...

Built in Chelsea
Our Price: £29.10
Among the London districts, Chelsea has always held a special charm for residents and visitors alike - spacious and gracious with the River Thames as ...
Imagining the Byzantine past
Our Price: £83.41
Two lavish, illustrated histories confronted and contested the Byzantine model of empire. The Madrid Skylitzes was created at the court of Roger II of...

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