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Theory of art

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Create dangerously
Our Price: £1.00
'To create today is to create dangerously'Camus argues passionately that the artist has a responsibility to challenge, provoke and speak up for those ...
Playing to the gallery
Our Price: £7.99
'I have never read such a stimulating short guide to art' Lynn Barber, Sunday Times Now Grayson Perry is a fully paid-up member of the art establishme...

In the flow
Our Price: £11.99
The leading art theorist takes on art in the age of the Internet In the early twentieth century, art and its institutions came under critique from a n...
Inside the white cube
Our Price: £27.00
When these essays first appeared in Artforum in 1976, their impact was immediate. They were discussed, annotated, cited, collected, and translated-the...

The value of art
Our Price: £14.99
In straightforward prose that doesn't mystify art or deny its special allure, prominent art dealer and market expert Michael Findlay offers an up-clos...
Duty free art
Our Price: £16.99
What is the function of art in the era of digital globalization?How can one think of art institutions in an age defined by planetary civil war, growin...

Understanding a photograph
Our Price: £9.99
John Berger's writings on photography are some of the most original of the twentieth century. This selection contains many groundbreaking essays and p...
The golden section
Our Price: £5.99
What was the golden secret known to Leonardo da Vinci, Kepler, Plato and the ancient magicians? Can there really be a key to nature and life itself? This book aims to unravel a mystery, a code that seems to underly life, the universe and everything, a pattern we instinctively recognise as beautiful, and which nature herself uses at every scale.

The art of creative thinking
Our Price: £9.99
A scuba diving company faces bankruptcy because sharks have infested the area. Solution? Open the world's first extreme diving school.The Art of Creat...
Interaction of color
Our Price: £11.99
One of the most important books on color ever written. -Michael Hession, Gizmodo   Interaction of Color with its illuminating visual exercises and m...

How to see the world
Our Price: £9.99
In recent decades, we have witnessed an explosion in the number of visual images we encounter, as our lives have become increasingly saturated with sc...
Wege der Moderne
Our Price: £45.50
Das Katalogbuch zur Ausstellung im MAK - Österreichischen Museum für angewandte Kunst / Gegenwarts-kunst in Wien beleuchtet zwei zentrale Denkweisen d...

Posthuman glossary
Our Price: £31.99
If art, science, and the humanities have shared one thing, it was their common engagement with constructions and representations of the human. Under t...
Chaos, territory, art
Our Price: £22.00
Instead of treating art as a unique creation that requires reason and refined taste to appreciate, Elizabeth Grosz argues that art-especially architec...

Old mistresses
Our Price: £21.99
Why is everything that compromises greatness in art coded as 'feminine'? Has the feminist critique of Art History history yet effected real change? Wi...
Our Price: £16.95
Part of the acclaimed 'Documents of Contemporary Art' series of anthologies . This anthology provides a multivocal critique of exhibitions of contem...

The cinematic
Our Price: £16.95
Part of the acclaimed 'Documents of Contemporary Art' series of anthologies. This anthology surveys the rich history of relationships between the mov...
Lives of the artists, lives of the architects
Our Price: £12.99
From world-renowned curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, Lives of the Artists, Lives of the Architects offers a unique opportunity to learn about the lives and...

Design and crime
Our Price: £10.99
In these diatribes on the marketing of culture and the branding of identity, the development of spectacle-architecture and the rise of global cities, ...
Pedagogical Sketchbook
Our Price: £12.99
'One of the most famous of modern art documents - a poetic primer, prepared by the artist for his Bauhaus pupils, which has deeply affected modern thi...

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