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Painting as model
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Seeks to redefine the status of theory in modernist critical discourse, arguing that theory is best employed in response to the specific demands of a critical problem, and demonstrating the uses of various theoretical approaches in conjunction with close reading of both paintings and texts.
The value of art
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In straightforward prose that doesn't mystify art or deny its special allure, prominent art dealer and market expert Michael Findlay offers an up-clos...

Understanding a photograph
Our Price: £8.99
John Berger's writings on photography are some of the most original of the twentieth century. This selection contains many groundbreaking essays and p...
The art of creative thinking
Our Price: £8.99
A scuba diving company faces bankruptcy because sharks have infested the area. Solution? Open the world's first extreme diving school.The Art of Creat...

How to see the world
Our Price: £8.99
In recent decades, we have witnessed an explosion in the number of visual images we encounter, as our lives have become increasingly saturated with sc...
Create dangerously
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'To create today is to create dangerously'Camus argues passionately that the artist has a responsibility to challenge, provoke and speak up for those ...

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Black--favorite color of priests and penitents, artists and ascetics, fashion designers and fascists--has always stood for powerfully opposed ideas: a...
Our Price: £16.95
Part of the acclaimed 'Documents of Contemporary Art' series of anthologies . Nature, as both subject and object, has repeatedly been rejected and r...

Biennials and beyond
Our Price: £59.95
The story of the most influential art exhibitions from 1960, Biennials and Beyond assembles a wealth of rare and never before published documentation,...
Lives of the artists, lives of the architects
Our Price: £12.99
From world-renowned curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, Lives of the Artists, Lives of the Architects offers a unique opportunity to learn about the lives and...

A jar of wild flowers
Our Price: £9.89
'John Berger has made the world a better place to live in. These essays tell us how he succeeded in that task.'Arundhati RoyIn this collection of essa...
Conceptual art and painting
Our Price: £23.00
In 'Conceptual Art and Painting', a companion to his 'Essays on Art and Language', Charles Harrison reconsiders Conceptual Art in light of renewed interest in the original movement and of the various forms of 'neo-Conceptual' art.

Visual arts practice and affect
Our Price: £29.95
Visual Arts Practice and Affect brings together a group of artist scholars to explore how visual arts can offer unique insights into the understanding...
Signs & symbols
Our Price: £19.99
Discover the fascinating origins and meanings of over 2,000 signs and symbols from mythology and religion to astrology and ancient tribes in this comp...

The mind in the cave
Our Price: £16.95
What does the breathtakingly beautiful art depicted on the walls of caves such as Lascaux, Chauvet and Altamira, tell us about the nature of the ances...
The sight of death
Our Price: £17.99
Why do we find ourselves returning to certain pictures time and again? What is it we are looking for? How does our understanding of an image change ov...

Tactical biopolitics
Our Price: £20.00
'Tactical Biopolitics' suggests that the political challenges at the intersection of life, science and art are best addressed through a combination of artistic intervention, critical theorising and reflective practices.
The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction
Our Price: £4.99
One of the most important works of cultural theory ever written, Walter Benjamin's groundbreaking essay explores how the age of mass media means audie...

Our Price: £9.99
A poetic, passionate and intensely personal exploration of colour written during the final year of Derek Jarman's life -- with a new introduction by A...
Posthuman glossary
Our Price: £29.99
If art, science, and the humanities have shared one thing, it was their common engagement with constructions and representations of the human. Under t...