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A party with socialists in it
Our Price: £12.99
** Guardian Politics Book of the Day** For over a hundred years, the British Labour Party has been a bastion for working class organisation and strug...
A higher loyalty
Our Price: £20.00
The sensational number one bestseller about taking on the mafia, the Clintons and Trump.In his Number One bestselling memoir A Higher Loyalty, former ...

Optimism over despair
Our Price: £6.00
An essential overview of the problems of our world today -- and how we should prepare for tomorrow -- from the world's leading public intellectualWe h...
The violence of austerity
Our Price: £10.00
Austerity, a response to the aftermath of the financial crisis, continues to devastate contemporary Britain. In The Violence of Austerity, Vickie Coo...

Reclaiming the state
Our Price: £18.99
The crisis of the neoliberal order has resuscitated a political idea widely believed to be consigned to the dustbin of history. Brexit, the election o...
Things can only get worse?
Our Price: £9.99
'…as the Labour candidate I prepared for every possible question on the local radio Election Phone-In. What I had not prepared for was my mum ringin...

The political writings of Alexander Hamilton. Volume 2
Our Price: £110.00
Volume II: 1789-1884: Few of America's founders influenced its political system more than Alexander Hamilton. He played a leading role in writing and ...
The political writings of Alexander Hamilton
Our Price: £110.00
Few of America's founders influenced its political system more than Alexander Hamilton. He played a leading role in writing and ratifying the Constitu...

Race and the Obama administration
Our Price: £15.99
The election of Barack Obama marked a critical point in American political and social history. Did the historic election of a black president actuall...
British politics
Our Price: £8.99
At a time when politics in Britain is experiencing unprecedented turmoil, this Very Short Introduction examines the past, present, and possible future...

The Obama doctrine
Our Price: £14.99
By mid-2015, the Obama presidency will be entering its final stages, and the race among the successors in both parties will be well underway. And whil...
Our Price: £8.99
Early Americans were suspicious of centralized authority and executive power. Casting away the yoke of England and its king, the founding fathers shar...

The Watergate
Our Price: £20.00
A biography of Washington's most famous apartment complex -- the buildings with a thousand stories of the notables who have lived thereFrom the day Th...
Our Price: £14.99
Mandela is the world's most loved and respected politician. Mandela is a model of modern leadership - by which he transformed the oppressive system of...

Russian roulette
Our Price: £13.99
RUSSIAN ROULETTE is a story of political skullduggery unprecedented in American history. It weaves together tales of international intrigue, cyber esp...
The American vice presidency
Our Price: £34.95
It is quite possible that no elected office has been more historically maligned than the vice presidency of the United States. From the beginning of A...

What is China?
Our Price: £31.95
Ge Zhaoguang, an eminent historian of traditional China and a public intellectual, takes on fundamental questions that shape the domestic and internat...
The Federalist papers
Our Price: £10.99
'A nation without a national government is an awful spectacle.' In the winter of 1787-8 a series of eighty-five essays appeared in the New York press...

The personalisation of politics in the UK
Our Price: £20.00
What does it mean to say that modern politics is personalised? What is distinctive about contemporary forms of personalisation and are these changes w...
Promise me, Dad
Our Price: £8.99
The international #1 bestselling memoir by Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden, about the year that would forever change both a family and a c...

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