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A spy named Orphan
Our Price: £20.00
Donald Maclean was a star diplomat, an establishment insider and a keeper of some of the West's greatest secrets. He was also a Russian spy, driven b...
Moscow calling
Our Price: £17.99
In the course of the past 45 years, Angus Roxburgh has translated Tolstoy, met four successive Russian presidents and been jinxed by a Siberian shaman...

International relations theories
Our Price: £35.99
Bringing together the most influential scholars in the field, the fourth edition of this best-selling text provides unrivalled coverage of Internation...
Burning country
Our Price: £14.99
*Shortlisted for the Rathbones Folio Prize 2017* In 2011, many Syrians took to the streets of Damascus to demand the overthrow of the government of B...

The big truck that went by
Our Price: £10.99
In the aftermath of the devastating 7.0 earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010, there was an outpouring of support and aid from countries around the world....
Propaganda and counter-terrorism
Our Price: £19.99
This book offers a unique account of British and United States government's attempts to adapt their propaganda strategies to global terrorist threats ...

On war
Our Price: £3.99
Translated by J.J. Graham, revised by F.N. Maude Abridged and with an Introduction by Louise Willmot. On War is perhaps the greatest book ever written...
Clear bright future
Our Price: £9.99
'Thrilling, brilliant, radical ... an admirable defence of humans against machines' GuardianA passionate defence of humanity and a work of radical opt...

The 1% and the rest of us
Our Price: £16.99
While the Occupy movement faces many strategic and organizational challenges, one of its major accomplishments has been to draw global attention to th...
Nuclear terror
Our Price: £25.00
These are frightening times for us all: Sarin nerve gas being sprayed on innocent civilians in Syria, threats that biological warfare agents might be ...

Who lost Russia?
Our Price: £10.99
The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 was hailed as the beginning of a new era of peace and co-operation between East and West. But in the years si...
Our Price: £16.99
Selected as a Financial Times Best Book of 2013 In Strategy: A History, Sir Lawrence Freedman, one of the world's leading authorities on war and inte...

Creating Russophobia
Our Price: £23.50
Why do the USA, UK and Europe so hate Russia? How it is that Western antipathy, once thought due to anti-Communism, could be so easily revived over a...
Middle East politics and international relations
Our Price: £32.99
The contemporary Middle East has been defined by political crises and conflict. The interplay of internal and external factors have set the region on...

Disrupt and deny
Our Price: £20.00
British leaders use spies and Special Forces to interfere in the affairs of others discreetly and deniably. Since 1945, MI6 has spread misinformation...
The strongman
Our Price: £14.99
Russia under Vladimir Putin has proved a prickly partnerfor the West, a far cry from the democratic ally many hoped for when the Soviet Union collapse...

North Korea invades the South
Our Price: £14.99
When the world held its breath . It is more than 25 years since the end of the Cold War. It began over 75 years ago, in 1944 - long before the last s...
The crime of aggression, humanity, and the soldier
Our Price: £26.99
The international criminality of waging illegal war, alongside only a few of the gravest human wrongs, is rooted not in its violation of sovereignty, ...

Drone theory
Our Price: £6.99
Drone Theory is Gregoire Chamayou's poignant and sharply argued polemic against US drone warfare.In 2011 alone, the US deployed one drone strike every...
Kremlin winter
Our Price: £25.00
Vladimir Putin has dominated Russian politics since Boris Yeltsin relinquished the presidency in his favour in May 2000. He served two terms as presi...

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