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Land forces & warfare

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American wheeled armoured fighting vehicles
Our Price: £14.54
Numerous wheeled armoured fighting vehicles have seen service in the US armed forces on and off for over 80 years. - - There have been various changes...
Seven Pillars of Wisdom
Our Price: £3.99
With an Introduction by Angus Calder. As Angus Calder states in his introduction to this edition, 'Seven Pillars of Wisdom is one of the major stateme...

Infantry attacks
Our Price: £14.54
In this classic study of the art of war, Rommel analyses the tactics that lay behind his success. First published in 1937 it became a highly regarded military textbook, and also brought its author to the attention of Adolph Hitler.
Field marshal
Our Price: £15.51
Erwin Rommel was a complex man: a born leader, brilliant soldier, a devoted husband and proud father; intelligent, instinctive, brave, compassionate, ...

British battle tanks
Our Price: £24.25
The idea of British soldiers using American tanks was not viewed with a great deal of enthusiasm by the British Army. They perceived American tanks as...
Early Iron Age Greek warrior 1100-700 BC
Our Price: £11.63
The period from 1200 BC onwards saw vast changes in every aspect of life on both the Greek mainland and islands as monarchies disappeared and were rep...

Railway guns of World War I
Our Price: £10.66
World War I was the Golden Age of the railway gun. Even though at the start of the conflict none of the armies possessed any railway artillery pieces ...
Finland at War
Our Price: £24.25
The story of the 'Winter War' between Finland and Soviet Russia is a dramatic David versus Goliath encounter. When close to half a million Soviet troo...

Our Price: £16.48
With its characteristic wide track, low silhouette and its distinctively deep exhaust note the Humvee sets itself apart from the range of light utilit...
Athenian hoplite vs Spartan hoplite
Our Price: £13.57
The Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC), waged between Athens and Sparta and their respective allies, involved some of the most important developments in a...

Tank action
Our Price: £8.72
A gripping account of the Second World War, from the perspective of a young tank commander.In 1944, David Render was a nineteen-year-old second lieute...
Russian tanks of World War II
Our Price: £16.48
Organised chronologically by type, Russian Tanks of World War II offers a highly-illustrated guide to the main armoured fighting vehicles used by the ...

Railway guns of World War II
Our Price: £11.63
World War II marked the zenith of railway gun development. Although many of the railway guns deployed at the start of the conflict were of World War I...
The Tritton Chaser
Our Price: £24.25
The idea for a smaller, faster, more manoeuvrable type of tank was thought up by Sir William Tritton as early as September 1916 shortly after the firs...

The German Army from mobilisation to First Ypres
Our Price: £14.54
This new volume in the long-running Images of War series features the actions of the Imperial German Army at Ypres from 1914-15. - - In the autumn of ...
Our Price: £16.48
The M113 has become as much a recognisable part of the US military machine at war as the Bell UH-1 Iroquois and M16 assault rifle. Earning its stripes...

Templar Knight versus Mamluk Warrior 1218-50
Our Price: £13.57
Step into the violent world of the 13th century, where the European states of the Levant battled with Muslim powers for control of Jerusalem. At the c...
At war on the Gothic Line
Our Price: £19.40
As the Allies stormed across Normandy in late summer 1944, another strategically vital yet unsung campaign was being fought across the mountainous ter...

Our Price: £7.75
British soldiers have been known as Tommies for centuries, but the nickname is particularly associated with the British infantryman in the trenches of...
Second World War infantry tactics
Our Price: £19.39
The ?poor bloody infantry? do the dirty front-line work of war. It bears the brunt of the fighting and often suffers disproportionately in combat in c...

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