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Military intelligence

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2017 war with Russia
Our Price: £9.69
A chilling political thriller that is dangerously close to becoming realityAccording to General Sir Richard Shirreff, recently retired Deputy Supreme ...
The attributes
Our Price: £14.54
'So much of what I know about trust I learned from Rich Diviney'- Simon Sinek'Incredible... explains why some people thrive - even when things get har...

Under every leaf
Our Price: £9.69
A major work of imperial history, this is the astonishing true story of Britain's first spies, and a dazzling adventure story set in the darkest heart of Empire.
Our Price: £12.60
BESTSELLER An explosive expos? of how British military intelligence really works, from the inside. The stories of two undercover agents -- Brian Nels...

A most enigmatic war
Our Price: £48.45
The history of scientific intelligence - its birth, its importance during the Second World War and its unique wartime qualities - has relied almost en...
Gordon Welchman
Our Price: £14.54
'A magnificent biography which finally provides recognition to one of Bletchley's and Britain's lost heroes.' Michael Smith The Official Secrets Act ...

The Gestapo
Our Price: £9.69
Name as a 2016 Book of the Year by the SpectatorA Daily Telegraph 'Book of the Week' (August 2015)Longlisted for 2016 PEN Hessell-Tiltman PrizeRanked ...
The art of war
Our Price: £8.72
Sun Tzu was one of the greatest army generals who ever lived. He wrote The Art of War in the fifth century BC and yet his words are still resoundingly...

The billion dollar spy
Our Price: £9.69
WATERSTONES NON-FICTION BOOK OF THE MONTH AUGUST 2018 AND A SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER 'An astonishingly detailed picture of espionage in the 1980s, wr...
SAS Insider
Our Price: £10.66
Clint Palmer has spent much of his adult life in the SAS and has fought in this elite military unit as it developed from its fledgling beginnings into...

Codebreaker girls
Our Price: £24.25
_ What would it be like to keep a secret for fifty years? Never telling your parents, your children, or even your husband? _ _Codebreaker Girls: A Se...
On intelligence
Our Price: £10.66
This book is a professional military-intelligence officer's and a controversial insider's view of some of the greatest intelligence blunders of recent...

The wartime journals
Our Price: £15.51
As a British Intelligence Officer during World War II, Hugh Trevor-Roper was expressly forbidden from keeping a diary due to the sensitive and confide...
Undercover war
Our Price: £8.72
When British troops first deployed to Northern Ireland in 1969 to keep apart rioting factions of loyalists and nationalists, they could not have known...

Secret Duties of a Signals Interceptor
Our Price: £19.39
The Second World War upended many lives, disrupting patterns and routines and bringing an array of terrifying new dangers with it. For Jenny Nater, th...
Canadian Security Intelligence Service
Our Price: £23.27
The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) was created to safeguard Canada's national security, but hot on the heels of its successes have come...

Book of Bletchley Park obituaries
Our Price: £24.25
The accomplishments of the codebreakers of British Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park have become justly famous and individuals such ...
Our Price: £19.40
THE TIMES 100 BEST BOOKS FOR SUMMERAN ECONOMIST BOOK OF THE YEAR 'AN IMPORTANT BOOK' Sir Richard Dearlove, Former Director of MI6 'The Freakonomics of...

A secret well kept
Our Price: £9.69
The United Kingdom's domestic counter-intelligence and security agency, most commonly known as MI5, was founded in 1909 by Sir Vernon Kell KBE. Kell (...
WWII codebreakers and spies
Our Price: £19.40
Codebreakers and Spies tells the astonishing story of how Britain's intelligence operatives, experts and special operations teams contributed to the A...

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